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Today I was at Lowes (Store #2908) to buy gardening supplies. There must have been 20 or more dogs in the outside gardening area.

I tried to talk to a sales associate but there was so much noise from all the dogs neither of us could hear the other. Just going to get what I wanted I saw 2 dogs *** and 1 dog ***. No, the owners did not cleanup, they just walked around it. I tried to avoid the dogs because I am allergic to dog dandruff.

Yet, several dogs came up to sniff my crotch. When I complained to 1 owner, she assured that her dog was just being friendly and would not ***. I told her what the problem was and she told me that there was medicine for people like me. I am now sitting at home sneezing and scratching.

If Lowes is going into the dog park business, they need to put a sign out front and they need to hire an employee to take care of dog messes.

I cannot shop in a kennel. I don’t know if all Lowes are like this one but I’d rather shop at their competition and not subject myself to what I had to go through today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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