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i placed an on-line order for plant food on Tuesday 7/17, late morning. Typically when I place this type of order, it is usually ready in less that hour. I waited 24 hours and the status was still "In process". So I went to the store to buy it. Since I received a 10% discount on the product, I thought I should go the pick-up counter and ask if buying it in the store I could still receive the discount. After 15 minutes and someone promising that they would get someone to the counter, no one showed up. Customer Service had 3 associates at the register, only 1 was waiting on customers. I finally left and went over to the registers. ALL the registers were closed. Only the self check out was open and not all of the them were open!

The associate assisting at the self check out was very helpful. He applied the discount to the product I purchased.

This store needs to be looked at carefully. There were a lot of Lowe's employees in the store and they weren't assisting customers, just walking around!

One more thing: I went to the tool department to buy a grinder blade. There were 2 aisles to get there. Both were blocked. One by a ladder and the other by a flat cart. They finally asked if they could help. I told him the aisle and bin I wanted to get to. He took my paper and said it would not be in the correct bin. So he started looking it up. Then he asked if I knew what it was that I was buying???? What??? Is it because I was a woman that he asked the question??? Finally the aisle opened up and in 30 seconds I has what I needed, no thanks to the associate.

Clean up your act!!!!! Home Depot is right around the corner!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Terrible see reveiw.

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Good bye lowes, unless you clean up your act!!


Sometimes orders don't come through right away for internet orders. Could be any where from seconds to days before they show up in the system.

Always wait for the ready for pickup email before going to the store. Believe me, you'll save yourself and everyone else a lot of trouble by waiting a few extra minutes.As for everything else, I won't draw any conclusions on.

Maybe they were in the midst of doing things? Who knows.