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I worked at Lowes #1777. The management there is awful.

They don't care about their employees well being or that we have families. All Jim Bambule and Tom E. Thompson EVER cared about was generating more sales and keeping as much money in that store as possible. Employees hours were purposely cut back just so that store would be thousands under budget (no doubt to make themselves shine).

Nevermind in this economy people need all the work they can get. Lord forbid if you're sick, have a sick spouse, or a funeral of a relative. If you miss any work you'll sure as heck pay dearly when you return because you weren't there making them more money. When I started there, I had several years of experience in retail...even managed a store myself before.

I found out that they started my pay out $2-$3.00 less than they were starting out kids right out of highschool. I had to pick up all the slack for so many others that didn't want to do their jobs and if any complaints were made, either nothing would be done at all or whoever complained would get in trouble for complaining. I always tried to be nice and respectful to customers, but it got to be very hard when the company you work for basically wants to use you for slave labor. I quit Lowes because my family comes first.

I and my husband (not to mention the rest of my family) got tired of the ***.

Money is needed but it's not everything. I seriously hope Jim and Tom at store #1777 get fired so maybe they could learn that themselves.

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Lowes of Chantilly, VA is one of the worst places to work as MALE Cashier. Its good if you are a FEMALE cashier, as all you have to do is cashier job.

But, if you are a male cashier, most of the time, you will be asked to PUSH CARTS, come rain or shine or snow. You will be asked to do the LOADER's job, regardless if you are able to lift or not, regardless if you have back problems or not. WAYNE (EUGENE) the fat *** is the poster boy for "how not to manage", "how not to be a leader" OR the worst manager. Wayne who is the customer service supervisor, has NO supervisor skills whatsoever.

No listening skills. YOUNG ATTRACTIVE Women cashiers get to do whatever they want, flex schedules, off whenever, not work in garden during cold winter or hot summer days, not working in Returns, Not working in Lumber. At Lowes of Chantilly, the Human Resource manager is FAT *** JOHN, who does not listen to employee complains or issues, regardless if they are genuine or not. He just ignores employees and acts as if he did a favor hiring anyone.

This store is very discriminatory towards non-white employees. They are tricky, in that, they hire non-white employees, to show they are not discriminatory, but once hired the treatment is very very discriminatory. The scheduling is not fair. Some employees get favorable schedules since they are friends with management, while others always have to work late shifts and rarely get weekend days off.

Chris the FAT store manager, never listens to anyone. He always says, talk and resolve with you immediate supervisor, even, when the problem itself is the immediate supervisor. Their open door policy is just in name. It is a joke.

If you complain or point out the obvious, you are reprimanded. Employees are basically treated as PAID SLAVES. SARAH, THE FAT *** cashier rarely is scheduled on weekends. In winter she always goes to LUMBER and jokes around and has her friends bring her dinner since lumber is not busy in winter evenings.

Look at the camera on January 7, 2011, she came in at 6 pm her schedule and then promptly at 6:30 pm she went go get dinner from wendys and took 45 minutes to eat from 7 to 7:45 pm. She gets favorable treatment always. In summers she is always sent to garden in evenings as its not that busy and the weather is nice. CARMEN the head cashier is a poster child for a PURE ***.

She does not know her job. She always is buttering up her supervisors and giving favorable treatment to her friend cashiers such as SARAH the fat ***.

I KNOW I can manage better, with more effectiveness and efficiency. Only need to get rid of problem management employees or get them the proper training.


i happen to b a store managers son i will not say whom im20 years old i have not gotten too see my dad much growing up they work long hours 12 plus hours a day they have alot of responsibility and u were simply held acountable being a store managers son i was expected more than anyone get over yourself you couldnt take the call of duty and your a QUITER grow up seriously i speak from a store managers sons standpoint


Maybe you would have learned how to spell if he was home.


Complaint does not merit response.


I agree with the comment from 7/16/10. The person that wrote this statement could get sued.

Let's see. How easy would it be to figure out who this is? 1. Comment was made about husband.

So this is a female who made the statement. Second comment was High school kids. Shopping lowe's they mostly have high school/collage kids in the garden center and the building center of the stores. Of all the stores I shop I haven't seen many women working the building center side.

So I would say this was a female that worked in the garden center. Also they mention sick twice and "miss" work. Did this person miss work often? Is the person upset because a company is trying to hold their employees accountable?

It sounds like this is a disengaged person.If this person was as good as they say, did everyone else's jobs, picked up everyone eles's slack why would any company let this type of person leave? I know some people that work in a wide range of retail stores. Some are managers. They miss their families too.

Managers put in a lot of hours and miss alot of their kids growing up because of the hours. Some people can work in retail most can not. Just because you couldn't and you have know idea how to. You shouldn't write comments on something you don't know about.

Again the comments from 7/16/10 is right about payroll. Oh yeah 100% right about being sued.


What are you doing? Going the way of Home Depot and getting rid of your Best workers to get a better bottom line if so, you will have less customers and moral in your stores will go down with the customers! Think about it Pissed Employees and Pissed Customers = Lost Profits for you and the Empoyees.


I work at Lowes also, unfortunately. If they had to answer to somebody, i.e.

Unions, it would be different. Those "older" people get stepped on, the "younger" crowd gets their *** kissed. Management does not know anything about anything. All they want is to surrounded by brown nosers and make themselves look pretty.

Lowes has a philosophy: never hire anybody smarter than yourself. If the "big cheese" is not to bright, then the underlings are even dumber.

Stupidity breeds stupidity. BOTTOM LINE!


I'm sure you never ran a multi-million dollar box because if you have, you would understand that cutting hours and putting money back on the bottom line is the name of the game. The most controllable expense is payroll.

What *** did you have to deal with????? Did you forget that it's retail and the entire retail environment is ***???

Just a tip, be carful about mentioning someone's name online. It may open you up too a lawsuit :cry