West Point, Georgia
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There is this guy that works at the Lowe's where I live. It started off that he would try to talk to me when I went shopping there with my Mom..

and then he would see me alone and ask me out , but I had made it clear that I was not interested in dating anyone right then. Today I went to Lowe's by myself and he was outside in the parking lot.. where he not only stared me down but made an attempt to spit on my car when I drove by. I know that this guy has some anger issues and does not like the word "NO".

I feel like I need to take my business elsewhere.

Isn't this considered some sort of harassment or something? It is scary there are so many people out there working at a place like this with a personal issue and people who are considered right minded cannot even get a job!

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That is a form of stalking no employee should ever pursue a customer while on the clock. You should report him ASAP, and tell your parents.

You and your parents can call Customer Care 1-800-445-6937.

You might want also file a police report because it is guys like that, that abduct females that reject them and then leave them in a shallow grave...please please BEWARE! File a POLICE report for your safety!


I thought this was a consumer website, not a sexual harassment complaint site


You should contact the store's HR manager. Call the store directly and ask for them.

Inform the HR Manager of the situation and be prepared to give the associate's name and description of the situation several times over the course of the next few interactions with Lowe's. I suggest writing what happened in a Word Document and then clicking and pasting everytime someone asks. Inform the HR Manager that you want the Store Manager's email address as well as the associate's Department and Zone Managers' Email addresses. Evrytime you send an email "cc" everyone you have and email address for.

If the HR Manager does not cooperate go over their head to Regional or Corporate immediately.

Make sure your grammer and spelling are checked and try not to be overboard emotionally. But be direct in what you expect them to do to correct the situation. The point is to build a file on this person and create a situation at the store that is less than hospitable for the associate.

If the managers have to invest too much time in solving this issue it will soon become more trouble to keep the associate than to deal with the issues that are created.

Continue to go to the store if the situation permits and introduct yourself to the managers. Let them see that you are a real and likeable person/ cusstomer worthy of respect and help.

@HR Issue

HR Issue wrote - "Make sure your grammer and spelling are checked and try not to be overboard emotionally." HAHAHAHAHA!! You should practice what you preach....it's grammar.


Tell someone in authority at Lowes you are being harassed by this "person". If that does not work, call the police.

Low lifes are everywhere these days. Do something before you become a statistic.


My first thought was thinking who goes to Lowes so often? Anyway next time you go bring your older brother or an older cousin or something, and if he does anything go complain to the store manager. Or just ugly yourself up a little bit lol