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My first issue happened when I bought a can of black paint for an exterior door. I asked for it to be mixed black.

He said he had to have a color swatch for it. It's black dude. You add black. Anyways, I bought it, sent it out to my contractors and they didn't use it because it looked purple.

I brought it back and calmly asked for it to be remixed because it wasn't black. He promptly continued to tell me that they don't refund tinted paint. I said I didn't want a refund, I wanted my paint to be black like I asked the first time. He put a small dab on a piece of cardboard and dried it.

He then showed it to me and said this is definitely black. Frustrated, I leave and go ahead and paint the door against my better judgement. It turned out to be blue. Next day, I go in to return some stuff that we didn't use on jobs.

I walk up to the return desk and the lady asks if anybody saw me come in. How am I supposed to know? She continues to act suspicious and asks if I have a receipt. No I have a mylowes card I say.

She puts the phone number in and says none of the stuff is on there and they won't return it without a receipt. Later I find out its because the cashiers have been using the wrong screen to enter the mylowes information. So now I have a bunch of stuff I can't return because I was told my stuff would be on a mylowes card and it's not. And just today I went to walk through a house that is supposed to be finished by Friday (2 days) and the walls are the wrong color because they sent me the wrong paint.

My guys painted the entire house the wrong color. So now I have to waste more money and time fixing this problem that shouldn't have happened in the first place.

AND I used to work at Lowes, so I know that getting things right isn't that difficult if people would actually do their jobs right. Needless to say, I am a bit frustrated with Lowes and am considering taking my business elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I work at a Lowe's store and I know for a fact we take back almost anything. We recently took back a sump pump that we could never have sold.

It was made entirely of metal, no receipt, we just used an item number for a sump we presently sell and then through the pump into the trash compactor. Sure it was a loss for Lowe's but oh my we did make the customer happy.

Some of this return without a receipt stuff is actually theft.


I laughed very hard when you thought mixing black was as simple as putting black paint in. Watch the colors that go into mixing white once, you'll even see black go into that. :grin


if you worked at Lowes, you should know that they need a swatch with a number to enter in the paint machine so a formula can be made. You selected the paint color.

What does the paint in the rest of the house have to do with it?? You wanted black for the door, did you paint the whole house black.

If not, I'm sure you or someone else has selected that interior paint color. Sooo...get over yourself and quit blaming others for your lack of judgment in color.