In looking for assistance for our basement remodel---new washer/dryer, carpeting, paint, cabinets, there was NO ONE to even say hello.

After waiting and looking for 1/2 hour with still no employee contact or even knowing WHO WORKED there, we left and went to....

Home Depot greeted us at the door, took us to their home improvement section, introduced us to a sales person and GOT OUR BUSINESS!

If 'Never stop improving' is Lowe's motto, they would have to START ANY TYPE OF IMPROVEMENT prior to continuing to improve on it.

Can't believe people shop there as we will never be back and I'm sure whoever 'they' are won't miss our business.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #652716

Anonymous wrote - "After waiting and looking for 1/2 hour with still no employee contact or even knowing WHO WORKED there, we left and went to...." It would be THE PEOPLE in red or blue vests you ***!!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #649493

I so agree with the comment about being greeted. I feel you don't need to be greeted to do your shopping.

I work in retail and while I do it of course because "I have to" and it's apart my job. How is whether you are greeted or not going to affect your shopping for items you should already know what you're looking for? Some of you really have no understanding how retail works. We as an associate have no control over how much people get staffed for the day.

Sometimes there are even call outs and 50% of the time no one comes in to fill in for those call outs. So guess what that means? Less people with MORE stuff to get done. People kill me always having an attitude when they have to wait because an associate is helping another customer and are so impatient.

Then some even have the nerve to try to be rude in cut in front of others.

Go shopping when you're going to have patience. We're sorry you have to look for someone to help you but keep in mind associates have other tasks to do other than sitting there doing nothing waiting for a customer to stop by and ask for help.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #647055

When in Lowes, use the "call buttons". They are on a timer.

To most Lowes employees, they are the "button of death". Don't be afraid to use them.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #647034

There isn't any law that I am aware of that says stores have to have somebody at the door to greet customers. People that think they should be greeted at the door, should go and visit friends.

I'm sure the Lowe's employees wore something that identified them as store employees. As far as that goes unless you are blind you should have been able to find the items you were looking for, and when you got to those respective departments there more than likely would have been an employee or two in the department.

If you can't find different departments in a store, maybe you need a caregiver to help you shop. Grow up!!!!

to anonymous Syracuse, New York, United States #647608

First, I completely understand about the lack of employee's. As a prior employee, there were many times at closing when we were lucky to even have 10 people store wide.

However, with that said, employee's also have lunches. It is very common when we do not have the hours to be better staffed, that one employee is covering 4+ departments. Red vests are hourly staff, blue vest(s) are store/assistant managers.

I would suggest next time going to the Customer Service desk [where there is someone 100% of the time, mandatory, and often the only register open while handling phone calls and incoming orders placed on-line] or better yet to the person watching the exit [most likely the Head Cashier], and ask if there is an available manager to help because you could not find someone. And for the love of all that is holy, please do not be snarky or *** their heads off! They can not leave the front end to assist you, and it is [normally] easier to get an Assistant Manager than it is to have us try and call a billion people trying to find one to help you. Chances are if you did not see one walking from Appliances to the Front End, then they are either a] taking their mandatory and much deserved lunch or b] helping another customer.

P.S. I have been to Home Depot a few times, and while my last trip was actually pleasant with plenty of staff and helpful at that, my two or three times before there was also plenty of staff but no one said hello! If you do not bring it to someone's attention and chose to instead walk out and scorn them, then it can never get better!


they probably won't miss you, because someone just got pissed off and home depot and went to lowes

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