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If your Lowe's does not display our American Flag Outside, Ask them why.

Lowe's customer support told me it was to respect the diversity of their customers. So in other words they respect illegals and others by dis-respecting America.

If their shoppers are offended by the American Flag they do not need to be in America. If they refuse to learn the language they do not need to be in America.

A tiny American flag sewn on some employees work smocks is not a show of support for the Nation that has enabled Lowe's to become a large company.

Fly OUR flag outside or close your doors.


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Lowes in Kona Hi don't


Please do so and show you are American


You need to read Facebook!We as Americans are outraged by Lowe's not flying the American flag.

I will be shopping along with many many others at Home Depot or my our local hardware stores.


My bank didn't fly a flag either, Said it might upset some customers.Told the bank manager this is a customer that would no longer be a customer if they didn't put the flag up.

This is America and if the American flag upsets anyone they can leave. The bank now has a very large flag on display outside. Went to Lowe's, got the Manager and told him I would be shopping at Home Depot until they put a flag up OUTSIDE where it belongs. Being in a Military town it has been easy to get customers to leave Lowe's for Home Depot.

So many people complaining about business moving away but not enough complaining about businesses catering to foreigners.Us old retired Vets will not give up or give in.

to Rat38 #1018914

I agree I heard this going on first hand ...I was aggravated to find this out myself since I have veterans in my family for one but, hurt as an American at the same time for these companies to be feeling like this...

Do you think if an American customer in another country complained about our flag not flying in front of their store they would do the same? I doubt it! Oh, I better stop there cause I can go on and on about this topic...

Thank you for my freedoms and your service to our country!!!


Hey PAY ATTENTION.You sure are a foul mouth and probably an America hating liberal.

Liberals are the first to cry "Racist" about anything and everything. The AMERICAN FLAG deserves to and should be flown high above the building. Not inside. The Walmart and Home Depot stores here do fly the flag outside and I go into any large business that doesn't and ask they why.

Lowe's is the only one with the lame excuses. Call me names if you want.

I know what I was doing during the Nam War and if your pitiful body was alive then I bet I know what you were doing...Say it to my face panty waist.




They don't care about their employees or flying the flag. & why would they fly our flag? Everything in the store is from china, so why not fly theirs


It's true! 1-2-2011.

My neighbor works for Lowe's and they are taking down their flag pole and flag in Bixby, OK.

Lowe's has their heads in their rears.

They don't seem to realize that all the money they make is spent by read blooded Americans!

It's this type of pandering to the cry babies that makes the worth of their stock drop.


Every Lowes in my area had a flag right by the main entrance. I don't know where you got your infomation but your wrong!!!

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