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If your Lowe's does not display our American Flag Outside, Ask them why.

Lowe's customer support told me it was to respect the diversity of their customers. So in other words they respect illegals and others by dis-respecting America.

If their shoppers are offended by the American Flag they do not need to be in America. If they refuse to learn the language they do not need to be in America.

A tiny American flag sewn on some employees work smocks is not a show of support for the Nation that has enabled Lowe's to become a large company.

Fly OUR flag outside or close your doors.

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Sigh, I guess I have to defend the *** Lowe's DOES wave flags, high from the beams in the store by the front registers. I have worked in 2 stores now and each displays a large American Flag.

So it isn't outside! But we aren't just American's on the outside, we are Americans on the inside.


I have no problems with flying the American Flag large and proud... But seriously the bigger concern here should be the fact that 80% of the manufactered goods inside a Lowe's comes from India, China, Tawian, Mexico..... There is bigger fish to fry than the flag issue.


And while we're at it, I will personally buy the blue spray paint to spray over ALL of the blue and white signs that have spanish written on them!! Memo to mr. Niblock.....


There is a flag planogramed in every Lowe's store by corporate! It is flown there year round with great pride and respect!


Hang it high !!! Don't think so.

This company shouldn't have that right.

See what they do in a US court rooms

To a US consumers That supported them. Up until there injuries.

When finished here check out

:( :sigh


I agree with you completely. If they are living in the U.S.A than they should not be offended by the American Flag.

Not to be rude but if they are offended by the flag than they should go back to their country. They probably come to U.S.A for all the freedom and rights that they get.

Since U.S.A is providing these freedom's and rights (and a place to live) they should honour the flag. Lowes should not let them push them around by being offended by the flag.