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I recently purchased a home and needed a fence. I called lowes and they sent a sale rep out who was very nice, measured everything, and gave me a quote of $2899 for my fence.

They told me the company they contract with would call to set up an appointment to verify the measurements. Once the measurements were confirmed the fence would be ordered and should take about two weeks to come in. The fencing company called and came out. The measurements were good and the fence ordered.

About three weeks into the process I received a voicemail from my sales rep saying there was a hold placed on my account that he had not noticed. He apologized and said he placed a rush order on the fence. The fence should arrive in about 7-10 business days. After what was almost two months from the time I ordered the fence I called the Lowes store since my sales rep no longer worked for the company.

I spoke with the sales manager who told me, "Your fence came in two days ago, the fencing installer should have called you. Don't worry I will call them now and call you right back." He called back to say he left a message with them, but that he would call me the next day to follow-up. Well that came and went. I called him back and explained that it's now been a full two months where is my fence.

I explained that I had already began making payments on a fence I didn't have! He said they had the fence and that the installer needs to call me. At that point I was so angry because I was told I would be called at every step of the process and yet no one would tell me anything! I said I wanted to cancel the fence.

He immediately responded, "Oh ok, I see you put it on your lowes credit card. No problem, we will refund your money and the payment you made. Just check your account in 24 hours to make sure it's canceled. Thank-you." And he hung up.

I was floored, after 2 months that was it. I went to twitter and complained, lowes directed me to a site called ,"Rant or rave." I ranted and they said someone would call me. I never received a phone call. And as I typed this the fencing installer just called to confirm installation for june 25th.

Really 3 months to get a fence? I just left a message explaining I canceled the fence and asking for a call back to confirm they got the message.

I have never in my life had to deal with such incompetence. Now I'm stuck calling all different fence installers, and lowes has done nothing to follow-up and make sure this doesn't happen to someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2899.

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This is Lowes tactic of getting you off social media complaining. They direct you to this website they control that virtually no one visits.

They hope you use it instead of twitter. Don't fall for it.

They won't do anything about it on the rant and rave website. Keep going on social media.


This is why you go directly to a fencing company. Why put Lowes in the middle of the process? Bet you would have paid less going directly to a fencing company as well.