Hickory, North Carolina
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While shopping at location other workers called for help in Key Dept. once Frank arrived at dep[t.

the other workers explained to him that I needed assistance with locating an item. Once Frank arrived at dept he states "SHE DON'T NEED MY HELP, at once time he proceeded to assistant a white customer who was in line behind me, never did Frank address me or look in my direction.

Once he completed his transaction with her he walked away. I called the store manager and asked for the Home Office number she stated Lowe's had no home office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I've worked for Lowe's and I have to say that this company works very hard at training their employees to be polite to all customers. Poor customer service is never accepted, and it is extremely easy to get in touch with management at any point in time if you do run into someone who isn't doing their job properly.

That isn't to say that your claim isn't a valid one.

Not all employees do what's expected of them and sometimes a few bad ones might slip through.

However, it shouldn't have been difficult for you to contact management at that store or even go above their head without an issue. Their corporate contact information is also available on their website, as well as at each store's Customer Service Counter.


First off PUT IT BACK!

I’m sure Frank saw you stuffing your pockets when you thought nobody was looking.


Poor baby!It's such a shame that someone had the NERVE to IGNORE YOU!!! After all, it's ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

Grow up, and learn to use Spell Check. ***.


Why do you assume it is a color issue, maybe you are just not very attractive and Frank wanted to help the better looking woman. Did that ever occur to you? Stop wearing out the race card already.


You should have went to the manager first and aired your complaint, they have cameras to look at ad verify your story. Next step is to call their corporate office, believe me it will be addressed.

They don't like negative publicity. They do focus on customer service, though there is a bad apple here and there.


Who's frank?Nice of you to point out his name and workplace...do you have a personal problem withhim?


Sorry to hear you were discriminated against just beacuse you are caucasian.



You can contact Lowe's CEO Robert Niblock directly @ his home.




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