Cotati, California

After buying a new Cabrio washer and dryer, I called Lowes to get a service call because our clothes were not getting clean. The service guy said he gets the calls "all the time" but he cannot adjust the amount of water the machine will use, and it uses perhaps a gallon, no matter how full the machine is, and it is a LARGE capacity washer!

Several calls to Lowes and to Whirlpool got me absolutely no where. Then a month ago, we have had the set about 2 years, the hinges of the glass lid cracked. We had to take the lid off.

Thanks to THIS WEBSITE, we did not bother with phone calls; my boyfriend attached metal strips to both sides as someone else had done. We can use it now, but I will NEVER, EVER buy Whirlpool again, or deal with Lowes!!

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Same exact thing happened to us with our cabrio machine. The service dept sent trinity appliance and they came out on December 31st, took one look at the machine and told us it would be 'a major job to fix it and the parts would have to be ordered.' He told us the part was so big he would have to go pick it up, it couldn't be delivered.

He never bothered to tell us what was wrong.....but instead, he turned around and walked out the door and we haven't seen or heard from them 'trinity appliance' again. Weeks went by and we called Lowes service support center and were told that Trinity had been called out, the parts were on backorder and we had to deal with Trinity because they are the contracted service group in our area.......another words, we were stuck. Not only did we have to go buy another washer but the old one is still sitting on our back porch....January 28th. I also contacted the Manager of the Lowes we bought our machine from.....and got the same sob story...we are stuck waiting for Trinity appliance to fix the Whirlpool cabrio washer........we spent almost $800 on the Cabrio and bought the extended warranty and where is this going, nowhere.

And to add headache to misery, we had to buy a second machine at $500 just to do our laundry. We are through with Lowes' Whirlpool and extended warranties and incapable service providers....We have spent almost $9,000 at Lowes in the last two years alone, but that doesn't matter when it comes to Lowes or their customer service.....anonymous


Complaint should be made to Whirlpool :sigh


These machines work differently than your old machines with an agitator. They use a lot less water and energy and do as good of job or better than the old machine.

The trick is loading them properly. For the motion of the bottom plated and the tub to move the load properly you must sort your clothes more than before. Lighter items will move differently than heavier items.

You will find mixing heavy and light items will reduce the performance of this machine. Sort your loads properly and select the proper cycle for the weight and your laundry will come out clean.