Livonia, Michigan

Purchace of a Whirlpool Duet front load washer would be a giant mistake based on our experience and feedback from friends, neighbors and coworkers. Also, Lowe's extended warranty is through company trained in evading customer inquiries and following up on customer issues.

I would be better off calling IT support in India speaking to someone with English as their forth or fifth language as these people don't have a clue. Sorry Whirlpool & Lowe's, my next dollars will be better spent somewhere else.

You can advertise all you want, but it will be for nothing.

I'm gone and good luck.

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I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport, about a year and a half old. It stops mid-cycle and completely shuts off.

I watched it during two test cycles, both set for 28 minute wash. Both times it went completely dark/power off about 10 minutes into the cycle. All spin, wash, rinse, fucntions worked fine up until that moment. I pressed the power button, started a new wash cycle, and it started up fine once again.

It has shut down repeatedly as well on the "Reg" wash cycle.

While the washer was in various stages of a cycle, I have jiggled the front door, the detergent fill tray, etc, to see if there might be a loose switch, sensor, etc, but I could not interrupt or stop the cycle by doing that. Suggestions?


Whats wrong with your washer?