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Exactly 3 yrs old, side by side Whirlpool, Compressor is done, given estimate of $700 to replace, Whirlpool had a

1 yr warrantly, guess they didn't have much faith in their product. Everything you buy now is junk, and extended warranties are very expensive insurance for the consumer.

Manufacturers should stand behind their product! (Bought from Lowes)and they should not carry brands that are not reliable.

A refrigerator should be expected to last 12 yrs minimum but much longer than that in the past. Quality control is a thing of the past I guess, no wonder, as American companies no longer manufacture in America!

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #671696

Anonymous should be making some good money commenting on others commenting on every complaint!


everyone carries whirlpool...Should you be upset with Whirlpool and not Lowes :cry

to hmmm.... #664969

you must be make some good money to post on every complaint under different names


Manufacturers used to put a 5 or 10 year warranty on the compressors. Along came the big box stores and the demand for lower prices.

Manufacturers lowered the price by reducing the warranty to 1 year. When they did this they started offering the optional extended warranty. I would bet that you were given the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty at least once if not more. You chose to keep the price low and assumed the risk that nothing would go wrong.

Don't blame the manufacturer. It's the consumer that demanded the lower price and something had to give.

As far as being made in America, most of Whirlpool's products are made in the US. Yes there are some imported components (hard to find electronics made here).

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