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Bought a relatively expensive Whirlpool Refrigerator with icemaker for a rental unit. Tenant calls me and says it's not cooling.

Service man says its the compressor and gives me a Whirlpool number. This number gives you two options, parts in warranty and out of warranty. No ability to talk to a live person. I went to the Lowe's where I bought it, first person says there is nothing they can do, talk to department manager, he tells me the same thing.

They are only the retailer he tells me, they can't be responsible after warranty and I didn't buy the extended warranty. I told him the refrigerator it replaced was 22 years old, with minimal repairs, and the refrigerator at my house is 15 years old with no repairs. I explain that I had bought a GE washer less than 3 years ago, and the transmission went out on it. Another big loss for an appliance that was bought to replace a low end Kenmore that was 18 years old.

So after being out over $1300 on 2 appliances, I told them I would not be back. They have a good variety, but I would not continue to spend my money at a store that would not back their products. I've stuck to my guns, I can live without Lowe's. They'll end up like Steinberg's in Lexington, Ky, Circuit City, happening to Best Buy right now.

People won't stand for being treated unfairly that only services until the unit is sold. I'll buy from the local Lyon's Do-It Center or buy online from Amazon.

I've cancelled my credit card with them and I will only go in the store to look at something I want to see before I buy from Amazon. Lowe's is no longer about the customer but the stockholder.

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I bought the same Whirlpool refrigerator, I bought the extended warranty and the *** compressor went out just months after the extended warranty expired. This *** is filling our landfills because the big powered manufactures only want more profit in their pockets, they don't care if the country gets covered in cheap *** American manufactures are making.


So I come to your store to buy a new appliance. I should buy it and expect it to break down after warranty is out?

Because it's new, I do expect to receive some trouble free years, not saying it should last forever, but 20 months and the refrigerator is pretty much unrepairable is unacceptable. I'm not going to buy a new appliance and then bet that it will break down in four years by purchasing additional warranties. This is poor customer relations to expect customers to spend this amount of money and then have a useless appliance after 20 months. Again, I vote with my $, I will never spend another dime at Lowe's.

By the way, I have $250 worth of gift cards on EBay now for sale.

It was my favorite store to shop, I always ask for Lowe's gift cards for gifts. I'm just one customer, obviously it's not going to kill the Frankfort location because I no longer patonize it, but I choose not to shop at Lowe's any longer and also choose to share my comments to other readers on what to expect.


Really? We dont back our products? I'm pretty sure YOU didnt back your product sir..... They clearly offered you the EPP, and you declined based on an a appliance that had 0 electronics.

Ever try and take a car back?

By the way, we are FAR from going out of business ;) And no company out there would have returned that, why should they take the loss because you dont buy EPP's....


John, they certainly are not obligated to take product back or give credit for repair of unit. Less than 2 years on a refrigetator is hard to stomach.

Just venting, instead of buying another new refrigerator from them, I bought a $200 unit from a used appliance store. I expect that one to only last a couple of years, but a new one, I believe most people expect more than that from a new appliance. Being the compressor, it's the most expensive part of a refrigerator to be repaired. They used to warrant the compressor for 5 years, not sure when that ended.

If it had been a repair that was not major, it would be different.

I patronize companies with my $. I've made a choice, just sharing my story!!!


If it was out of warranty and you didn't buy an extended warranty from them, why should they take it back?


Well Welcome To The Present... All Appliances Made Now Will Not Last That Long For A Reason...

Blame The Vendors Who Make The *** Products... Its The Same Where Ever You Go..