Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Purchased a whirlpool duette washer & dryer from Lowes approx 8 weeks ago. Delivery was a nightmare,dates changed 3 times before arriving 2 weeks late.

Washer does not spin well, leaving clothes wet and dryer door will not stay locked, cycle will not start, clothes donot dry. We have used the trouble shooting guide, but nothing seems to help. I would like to return the washer and dryer and get a full refund. Buyers beware of the duette series from Whirlpool.

It does not live up to the whirlpoool advertising.

I am Very Disppointed and frustrated. Please Lowes, offer some help!

Monetary Loss: $1400.

  • Whirlpool at Lowes
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Call customer care at 1-800-44LOWE'S and let them know- they'll help schedule whirlpool to look at it and even put in a product quality complaint if whirlpool won't fix it. In return, assign this complaint to whirlpool where it belongs!!


My guess is that you are overloading the machines. This would cause the spin problem and the wet oversize load would push the dryer door open. Try slightly smaller loads, if that doesn't work call Whirlpool for a service appointment.