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I have a four-year extended warranty on my w/d combo. Called for repairs to be done to non-functioning washer. Was told that the companies which provide service are all sixty miles or more away from where I live.

There are two or three EXCELLENT repair companies I have used locally.....and who are recommended by contractors as well.

Using someone that far away is inefficient and decidedly UNgreen. Travel time alone & gasoline will use up any "savings" which might have come from using the other guys. PLUS, I sit here unable to use the appliance, unable to do a laundry.....and I'm looking at a weekend with no one available.

Ultimately, I decided to use the company of MY choice and HOPE that Lowe's will re-imburse me. This is NO way to run a business and another reason NOT to spend the extortionate amount of money that it costs to buy the extra warranty.

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Using the repair company of my choosing, the parts were ordered, installed and everything done as promised.

The happy news is that Lowe's reimbursed me for the repairs....and SAID they would look into using a more local company for repairs.

We'll see.


In year 1, the mfr is solely responsible. After that, you are at the mercy of the plan administrator.

They choose the repair companies not on efficiency but on who accepts their fee schedule. In the long run, you lose.


You're right, of course. Instead of asking the department head, I SHOULD have read the fine print. But Lowe's had used the company I chose before.

again, my original note was not just about me being ticked off with ME but the about the idiocy of not having a local service. As it turned out, Whirlpool KNEW about this particular problem and ALSO knew that the part they were sending might not be the ONLY part required. That would take a SECOND mailing and a THIRD visit from the out-of-town repairmen.

Whirlpool knew because, apparently, this problem has occured before. But that wasn't in the fine print anywhere.

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Next time you buy an extend warranty take the time to read it before you buy it. If you want your local shop to fix it check with them and see what warranty companies they work for and buy from them. Lowes has no obligation to reimburse you for repairs made by other shops.

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