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Why are people allowed to bring pets in the Lowes Store on Sumter sc. I don't want to get bit, accdently step in dog poop or fleas and ticks from someones dog.

I guess you forgot about the people that are allergic to pet hair. Who was the

bright person made this a rule?

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A dog viciously attacked a 3 year old in the garden section of Lowe’s in CA a few years ago causing serious facial and neck wounds needing more than 50 stitches to close the wounds. Last year my 13 month old son was bit in the face by another customers dog in the garden section of Lowe’s.

This should have never happened. Lowe’s changed their pet policy to service animals only after the attack in CA but received lots of backlash from customers that they reversed the policy after a year.

And then my son gets bit. Seems to me that keeping customers and children safe outweighs the ability for someone to bring their pet into a non-pet store.

to Kdoc #1631515

Where were you that you let your son get so close to the dog? My guess is that your son ran up to the dog and startled it and the dog was just defending itself. You rarely see an uncontrolled pet in a store but there are plenty of unsupervised children tearing around.


My service dog and I were in Lowe's last weekend. A woman with an untrained, out of control dog came charging toward us.

She couldn't even hold the dog back. My niece and nephew placed themselves between the gnashing, barking out of control dog between me and my service dog. My dog just did her job with no reaction. I'm not against the having dogs in stores.....THEY MUST HAVE TRAINING AND CONTROL.

THEY OWNERS MUST BE ABLE TO CONTROL THEM! Lowe's really needs to rethink their dog policy.


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This is one more sign of our declining times, along with women leggings, vocal fry, and tatts.


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to Anonymous #1631336

Preacher, you're supposed to capitalize "He". You phony.


Repent liberals!


I do not like seeing non-service animals in Lowes. Today there was a PitBull riding in a cart—definitely not a service dog.

1–my family has allergies to animal fur. We shouldn’t have to be exposed to this in a home improvement store. A pet store, I understand. But not here!!!!

2-for people who say these are your children, I can sympathize, but my children wore diapers. Tonight I witnessed the biggest dog poop LEFT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE in LOWES. Some say that MOST owners would’ve cleaned it up. But I saw tonight what happens when someone is not responsible.

Other customers shouldn’t have to deal with the sanitation risks that come with allowing pets in Lowes. Workers walked right past it , and I actually went to them TWICE to get them to clean it. 3-This is not sanitary!!!! Pets can carry diseases and parasites.

AND some owners are NOT responsible and do not seek vet care for prevention. I do not want my child to ride in a cart and expose them to PARASITES through no fault of ours!!! Disgusting!!!!

Lowes IS NOT A DOG PARK!!!! It is ridiculous that pets are allowed !!!

to Anonymous too #1576001

I understand but get out of your bubble

to Anonymous too #1588660

Pardon me, but your ignorance is foolish. Do some research on pitbulls.

You sound like a racist. You're experience was 1 out of a thousand. Maybe you should have said something to that individual instead of ostrasizing all dog owners and the store. Clinically, there will be no major reaction to dogs unless you're around them or touch them for a consistent amount of time.

Do people with food allergies not go to grocery stores? So yes that dog owner is an idiot but not the majority.

I am a white collar pitbull owner who rather her than any other snippy snooty breed. 1

to Anonymous #1589430

“Snippy snooty breed” Sounds like your the racist.

to Anonymous #1631308

I have one of those so called snippy snooty breeds and my dog happens to be extremely well mannered. I am also a responsible owner.

I love all types of dogs, including pits, and have rescued mutts as well. You sound like a total *** for having to talk *** about other dog breeds as a means to boost up your own insecurity for owning a dog that tends to get a bad rap.

Dogs are not to blame... only irresponsible owners who do not take the time to properly train their dogs.


The Republicans have taken over this thread, DEAL WITH IT!


Liberals ruin it all.


I have a German Shepherd service dog in training. Lowes is an excellent place to train because of the wide isles and busy setting. It allows you to gain your dogs focus and block out things going on around them.


(1) Ticks don't jump, so you have zero chance of picking one up from a dog unless you're hugging him and it sounds unlikely you would d that. (2) Fleas are unlikely to be found on a dog in the store.

People who bring their pets with them are generally those who take good care of their pets and well-cared for animals very, very rarely have flea infestations. That is largely a problem of dogs that live lives of neglect out in the yard. (3) Individual Lowe's stores that permit pets have an explicit policy that prohibits aggressive dogs. Regardless, since again, you are not going to be approaching said dogs, you have zero worries.

(4) Again, the dogs in Lowe's are likely to be well-cared for indoor dogs, not lawn ornaments. That means they will be housebroken and very unlikely to poop in the store. Even so, we are, AGAIN, talking about the type of owners that would clean up after said dog.

(5) Dogs are allowed in many, many public places. If you don't like it, don't leave your house.

to Steve #1569865

Yes to all of this!!


I did. Go to Home Depot, hater


Just to get a clear understanding... You are worried about getting bit, stepping in dog shlt and getting getting fleas and ticks from someones dog? You should just stay in your home.

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