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Why are people allowed to bring pets in the Lowes Store on Sumter sc. I don't want to get bit, accdently step in dog *** or fleas and ticks from someones dog.

I guess you forgot about the people that are allergic to pet hair. Who was the

bright person made this a rule?

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I have called my Local Lowe's and have not gotten any good answer to this other than "service animals are allowed". These are certainly not service animals in the vast majority of cases. Very sad that people care more about their animals than their fellow human beings- and don't know the difference.


Please ***


LoL.... someone is miserable


Such a pleasant, life-loving human you are. I hope you don't own ANY animals


Your "loving animals" fetish has nothing to do with being a decent human being. We eat animals everyday, but that has no bearing on whether we love or hate them. People have definitely lost all sense of discernment these days!


The store states that service animals are allowed. That means that at any given time there may be a dog in the store.

They let in non service dogs but it's not like there are 50 dogs in the store at a time. I occasionally see dogs in mine but it's pretty rare.

I definitely don't see allergies being a problem (I am allergic to dogs). If you are afraid of dogs, ask an associate to help out.


Miserable human


Don’t go to Lowe’s then.


They're not miserable just because they think this is weird. People taking their dogs to parks is perfectly normal.

People walking their dogs around the neighborhood is perfectly normal.

People taking their dogs to a congested store with lots of merchandise?? Different circumstances.


Agreed Pets need to stay home or take them to the park. Please stop bringing your Pet to stores.

I do not care if it is a well behaved animal. I love animals but they are not service animals. There is a difference. Therapy dogs are not service animals.

I am very sorry that you need a therapy dog to help you however then maybe you should consider if you have a true disability where you need a true true service dog. Again therapy dog is not the same thing as a service animal. Please Lowe’s stop stop allowing customers to bring dogs. Plus a dog peed in the floor and Lowe’s staff cleaned it up.

Not the owner of the pet.

The staff does not get paid to clean up after your pet. They did not get jobs in a pet store.


Most dogs you see at a store are quiet and obviously clean. Dog owners know their dogs behaviour and at no point do we want to bring a problematic dog into a store.

If dirty, smelly, loud, obnoxious and potentially flea-filled are the criteria to bot bring dogs in, I think we would also greatly appreciate it if you left your stupid, loud, off-the-leash and potentially lice infested child outsidd tied to a tree.

Do remember to leave them in the shade. Just saying because you sound like the kind of idiot that wouldn't.


I had a dog jump up on me yesterday at Lowes, did not invite it, did not like it. I was just walking by.

The dog was not a service animal but a pet. I'm guessing the first time someone gets bit and sues Lowes, that will put an end to that pets allowed in the home improvement store policy.


I have had the same happen and I'm sick of people's lack of concern for anyone but themelves!


Well then, perhaps people should leave their kids home. They cause more problems in stores than a pet.


So, you were never a child, and you don't understand that human beings are on a higher scale of importance than animals?


I can see you point. My question is, What about smelly disgusting humans that have *** for children that are covered in other allergens?

They are let in? You are assuming these dogs are first of all dirty and shedding. And are not kept close to their owners.

I'd rather this than see dogs dying in cars as most people who bring their pets into stores are working people who have their pets with them at work/ on job sights. If you are so allergic to pet hair then I guess we better ban all fragrance and allergens, including naturally derived body odour that frankly I'm allergic to.


wow.... how stupid


This is the stupidity that we come to, people treating animals like human beings, not understanding the difference. Pets need to stay at home!


why you so grumpy


No one is allergic to pet hair. You’re an idiot.