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Why are people allowed to bring pets in the Lowes Store on Sumter sc. I don't want to get bit, accdently step in dog poop or fleas and ticks from someones dog.

I guess you forgot about the people that are allergic to pet hair. Who was the

bright person made this a rule?

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Liberals ruin it all.


I have a German Shepherd service dog in training. Lowes is an excellent place to train because of the wide isles and busy setting. It allows you to gain your dogs focus and block out things going on around them.


(1) Ticks don't jump, so you have zero chance of picking one up from a dog unless you're hugging him and it sounds unlikely you would d that. (2) Fleas are unlikely to be found on a dog in the store.

People who bring their pets with them are generally those who take good care of their pets and well-cared for animals very, very rarely have flea infestations. That is largely a problem of dogs that live lives of neglect out in the yard. (3) Individual Lowe's stores that permit pets have an explicit policy that prohibits aggressive dogs. Regardless, since again, you are not going to be approaching said dogs, you have zero worries.

(4) Again, the dogs in Lowe's are likely to be well-cared for indoor dogs, not lawn ornaments. That means they will be housebroken and very unlikely to poop in the store. Even so, we are, AGAIN, talking about the type of owners that would clean up after said dog.

(5) Dogs are allowed in many, many public places. If you don't like it, don't leave your house.


I did. Go to Home Depot, hater


Just to get a clear understanding... You are worried about getting bit, stepping in dog shlt and getting getting fleas and ticks from someones dog? You should just stay in your home.


jmo, I am thinking that people that bring their dog into Lowes are not the type of people that do not take care of their pet, (Fleas, ticks & leaving *** on the store floor) A lot of people include their dogs with everything they do. If you don't want to accidentally get bit, then don't look the dog in the eyes, and just walk past while ignoring them.


I think it’s a cute idea people come in there and buy lumber and products to build dog houses or your older dogs needs bed steps to help them climb or little ramps to the door for “THEIR DOG” Who knows how much is spent at Lowe’s to make their fur friends & the family happy! So why not being them in for the action & excitement It has no groceries ... it’s Hardware


When you let Democrats run the show, that's when you start having problems.

to Anonymous #1552299

Sure because your political party has a single thing to do with whether you think dogs can go into a store or not. Get real.

to Anonymouse #1552526

Have fun beating off to the Democrats.


I work at Lowes and I'm sick of the dogs myself. Some of them are cute, but others that are very large and/or don't know how to act shouldn't be allowed in the stores.

Had I known they were so dog friendly, I would not have applied. I didn't wanna work at pet stores for a reason.

to Kay B #1542683

The sooner you quit, the better.

to Anonymous #1555480

Not hardly, you should quit trying to be funny. It's not your strong suit

to Anonymous #1555694

exactly, I am amazed at how many people don't realize how much love dogs show to people, WHEN GIVEN THE CHANCE!!!!!


OK, I was bitten by a large dog while shopping at Lowes. The dog's owner and her animal disappeared while I checking the extent of my injuries.

No one working at Lowes was willing to help me identify the dog's owner. In fact, the store manager said he could not stop people from bring their animals into the store - they are ALL service animals as far as he was concerned. I am a 71 year old cancer patient so I guess my time is up anyway - right?

Hey, I love dogs. I have a golden retriever, but I leave her at home when I shop.


Why are people allowed to bring kids in the Lowes Store? I don't want to get sick, get sneezed on, or deal with your annoying, unvaccinated, idiot kids I guess you forgot about the people that don't like kids.

Who was the bright person made this a rule? -------- See how ignorant this is? If you don't like dogs, don't go near them. If the dog is disruptive, the customer should be asked to leave (even though your dumb kids can be as disruptive as they want) Some people will complain about anything.

(Also, for those whining about allergies... do you not go outside in public parks?)

to NotAnIdiot #1534928

This is GREAT!!! I so AGREE!!!

to NotAnIdiot #1555277

Couldn’t agree more!!

to NotAnIdiot #1555701

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your comment, and you are SO RIGHT!!!!!! People are ridiculous!!


I agree. There shouldn't be pets in stores.

I DO NOT like dogs....PERIOD and if you're offended then oh well get over it because this is America and I don't have to like. Disgusting creatures.

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