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Why are people allowed to bring pets in the Lowes Store on Sumter sc. I don't want to get bit, accdently step in dog poop or fleas and ticks from someones dog.

I guess you forgot about the people that are allergic to pet hair. Who was the

bright person made this a rule?

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Oh you big cry baby. Get over it.

Don't go near the dog and you wont get bit, and watch where your walking and you wont step in dog poop. Problem solved. I can't stand shopping with complainers like you around, but I still do.

I'd much rather be around dogs then people. People suck, and you sound like you do too.


And I’m guessing the OP doesn’t have a pet. Here’s the reason.

Animals are so much better then people!!! You prove that OP!! Get over it please. It’s 2018 and people have pets.

If you don’t like pets then do t shop there. Personally I will take the messiest dog over the hellions some people call children. Sorry your nose is out of whack but this is STILL AMERICA!!! You cite one group of people with allergies and expect that their rights should be above anyone else’s??

I’m thinking a civics lesson may be in order for you. Your ILLUSION of cleanliness is the real issue. You think that because it’s a business that they must be clean and in your mind animals are “dirty”. Let’s examine that thought process for a moment with basic science.

Animals are covered in hair and the average animal loses some hair through petting. If no one is petting a animal then it’s not shedding hair at a rate that would have any appreciable effect. Now let’s look at a human for a moment. Since we have to wear clothing we as humans have cloth abraiding our skin every second of every day.

This causes skin cells to literally slough off in a rather large quantity. Then let’s factor in how much saliva you spit out while talking. And the hair that you shed. All in all animals are a LOT cleaner overall when you compare bio leakage by genus.

I won’t even go into out gassing that humans do above the physical remains left behind. We live in a giant Petri dish of life. We are surrounded by germs everywhere. Being a germaphobe is like being an oxygen phobiac person.

It doesn’t make sense. So maybe calm down a bit as your illusions of cleanliness are just that a complete fabrication.


I Don t want to do with either one. I hate going in any store, restaurant or any place that has loud unruly children.

I live in a neighborhood with dogs all around me. My neighbors dogs do their pooping and *** in my yard and on the borders of property.

I have to not only smell the poop but listen to all barking. I don't want to go to a store to buy what I need and again have to put with someone animal.


Can't say I've seen many poorly behaved pets in stores. I'd rather see a cell shaved pet in a store than an uncontrolled child.

Or how about the kids slobbering all over the handles of the shopping cart you will get next, especially if they have been eating sticky candy.

How about the cherries the drop all over the floor. Guess I rather see them ban pet haters than pets.

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