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2015 I were hired Lowe's Home Improvement installed siding, windows and gutter; It cost me $40,000. Last year I have observed that my ceiling was stain I have no clue what is happen now the ceiling paint peel and water drops on windows and floor so I have to go up attic to check where it leaks I have observed that is *** from nail full out cause by the installing guy were nail on roof to hold the scaffolding during they install siding and windows when they remove the scaffolding they forget caulk the roof so over time the shingle expanse that why it takes longer to see it leaks when I up the attic I had observed that other side of house has a nest of bird I did not why I had keep looking you get what I had find out the holes other side of the house when they had removed old siding it was tear off the install inside when they replaced the new siding but it is not go all the way up to the roof so they had leaved the holes they also not replace the soffit.

I am a handy man usually I haven't call to complaint because my house is too high and the roof was a straight I have went up to the roof but barely to walk it is sliding. My neighbor told me that to call Lowes don't kill yourself so I have make a phone call to installation department on Monday 8/7/2017 one of the worker answer my phone call his name is David you know what is told me I am apologize the labor warranty only one year so my warranty is over nothing he can help me we talk back and forth about 5 minutes but the problem still the same so he had switched to his supervisor his name is Mike so the problem is not be solve he had said the same thing my apologize the labor warranty only one year; He keep repeat over and over like a record about 15 minutes. I have given him a last chance to solve my problem. He said that he can't do it I have said that this conversation is over and I hang up.

In my situation a leaking will take over year to see it leaks and the missing siding no way I can see from the ground. My BIG QUESTION FOR LOWE'S HOME IMPROVEMENT why I have to hire you. You go out to hire another contractor we do not know them so we liable on Lowe's to behind your customer now I have stuck with one year labor warranty so you can hire the contractor do lousy job.

Nothing can fall down and go bad in one year. I am so disappoint on Lowe's because I expect on Lowe's too much now on all my project never and ever go to Lowe's I will tell my all friend and my customer do not use installation from Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: to fix my problem.

Lowes Cons: Corporate policey, Already stated above.

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