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May 31,2020

Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

ATTN: Marvin Ellison, President & CEO

1000 Lowe’s Boulevard

Mooresville, NC 28117

Why I will no Longer Shop at a Lowe’s Store

Dear Mr. Ellison: I have been a loyal Lowe’s customer for many years.

Historically, it was my first choice when I was working on projects in my home or my investment properties. I have easily spent over$100,000 at various Lowe’s stores over the years. But for the courtesy and professionalism of the manager at Store 1845 in Chicago, I was prepared to never shop at a Lowe’s again. Rather,because of his excellent customer service, I will shop at his store again.

I won’t, however, shop at any other Lowe’s stores because of the poor service I received by the store manager at Store 3284 in Chicago.

I have included receipts that corroborate the dates of my poor experience at Store 3284. Even though I do not expect anything to happen as a result of this letter, I felt it was important to write. Perhaps you have received other complaints concerning Store 3284. Below are the sequence of events:

- March 15th: I purchased a brand new over the range microwave from Store 3284;

- March 17th: The Chicago area shut down.

Everyone was frightened of COVID. I could not find a contractor to come install the microwave.

- May 15th: Finally found a contractor to install my microwave.

- May 15th: The contractor informed me that the microwave had not power and did not work. It would not even turn on.

- May 16th and 17th: The weekend crowds were heavy at Lowe’s. To reduce being exposed to COVID, I did not venture out of my home over that weekend.

- May 18th: I returned to Store 3284 and requested a replacement microwave.

o The store manager (thin, white male,approximately 45 years old), told me that Lowe’s return policy was 30 days.

I reminded him that we are in the middle of a pandemic. He said it does not matter. I asked if he would make an exception. He said “no,” and turned his back and walked away.

He was rude and unprofessional. I left the store frustrated.

- May 21st: After checking online, I learned that Lowe's appliance return policy had been extended to 60 days. Granted, even though May 18th would have been three days outside of the return period, I would have more strongly advocated for an exception.

o Regardless, either the manager at Store 3284 intentionally misrepresented the return policy to me on May 18th, or he is incompetent for not knowing something as important of the return policy extension to 60 days. Plus, his behavior was unprofessional and rude.

- May 21st: Having learned of the extended period to return the microwave, I went to Store 1845.

I spoke to the manager (Black male,approximately 35 years old) and shared my experience at Store 3284.

o The manager at Store 1845 was understanding and

professional. He said he would make an exception and offered to let me exchange

the broken microwave. However, when he looked it up, it turns out it was a clearance item. Therefore, I would have to return to the store where I made the purchase to do the exchange.

o I thanked the manager.

Did some shopping at his store and went home. I was not about to return to Store 3284 and again be subjected to the rude behavior.

I had resigned to the fact that I was stuck with a boat anchor of a microwave. I considered having it repaired, but the repair cost could exceed the cost of buying a new one. So, the microwave now sites in my garage-collecting dust.

The next time I plan to be in the area of Store 3284, I'm going to take into the store and just leave it. I will be satisfied knowing that indeed, the store does accept appliances after 60 days.


Andre Harrison

Location: Harwood Heights, Illinois

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You are not stuck with a boat anchor as you misleadingly claim. Simply file a warranty claim with the manufacturer.

They will get it working for you under warranty.

You will find that the reason stores set a time limit on returns is that they have a limited amount of time that manufacturers will accept returns on defective appliances. After that repair is the only option.

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