When I ask for my military discount at lowes the cashier has to get a supervisor to ok it.On a recent trip the cashier asked me to give her my ID card then took off to find a supervisor.

Five minutes later she returned, with a long line of unhappy customers forming behind me. I do not understand why they don't give her authority to do this herself. When I go to Home Depot the cashier can and does approve It with NO hassle! Its like they don't want to give You the discount at Lowes.

I will not shop there anymore, it's worth the hassle!Go to Home Depot where they appreciate veterans!


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The problem is, that people are abusing the Military Discount. Giving their card to friends, come in with photo copies or laminated copies.

This discount is a reward to those that served, but should not be a bonus for someone posing as a veteran.

A cashier is many times told to ask a manager to verify a military card. They are just following procedure.


You ever think they're preventing random people from getting a military discount. You give the cashiers permission to give it then they can give it to anyone. When enough of them do that one of two things can happen either stores will start doing what Lowes is (you need approval) or they simply get rid of it.

to Some1 Fort Myers, Florida, United States #571828

The cashiers do check my ID at Home Depot and are authorized to approve it.Seems to me Lowes does not trust their cashiers.

Cashiers at grocery stores have to check ID for alcohol and tobacco, it's not rocket science. It just seems counterproductive to have to hold up a line to get a discount approved.

Not fair to the customer or the other customers waiting in line.By the way, the supervisor rarely looks at the ID , usually just swipes his card to approve it.

Dallas, Texas, United States #571244

Go to HD...nobody really cares!!! Send me your receipt and I'll mail you the $1.30 you would have saved. I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving the retail associates.

to RetailCop Ashland, Kentucky, United States #571799

Lowes is BS same thing happened to me.Apparently they do not really care about the military discount and it is just bogus PR or the employees are anti military.

Either way you are correct give your business to some other retailer. Better yet seek out an independently owned hardware pay the extra money to them.

The best way to get results is not to patronize the business.

to Anti retail cop #575466

I work customer service for lowes and hearing this all for kind of bs is absolutely infuriating.You have the balls to say that the employees are anti military.

Really??? Did it ever occur to you that the military discount is a privilege, not a right. We dont have to offer it, especially to unappreciative people like yourself. I'm all for giving this discount to people who serve our country, however when you start making accusations about the employees, it makes me reconsider my position on the matter.

We are just following protocol, something a military man like yourself should easily comprehend.If you dont like it, than I gladly invite you to *** off and shop else where.

to Anti retail cop #656483

I would love to see you tell the 6'4" former Marine cashier at our store that had his throat slit by some real anti military folks when he was captured that he doesn't care about the military.

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