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I worked at a local Lowe's and was threatened by a coworker. She was pregnant and threatened to have someone come and hurt me.

I ended up taking a couple of days off and when I came back I told mgmt that i would take responsibility for what happened because she was pregnant. I also told them it was because I was scared for my and my families lives. Mgmt did nothing because she was pregnant. Their solution was to move me to another department.

I left because of the stress. Since leaving she has threatened another employee and they moved her too. There are so many other stories that I would be here all night writing about them. She only sturs things up at the store WHEN she bothers to show up.

She also lies on clocking in by getting others to do it for her and also has tons of mispunches. They havent done anything. Why is she still there after a year of her causing trouble with other employees?

How is she able to get away with what she does around there? And no she is not a good worker.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: Let her go..

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