Martinsburg, West Virginia

When you try to get service at my local Lowes in Martinsburg WV, and can't get any, here is why. They schedule 1 person per department and expect that employee to help everyone, answer the phone and run to other departments when the bell is pushed. Some departments are easier to do this in then others but departments like appliances, Millwork, Lumber, Kitchen cabinets, it becomes impossible to help everyone. When customers are wanting a new door installed, cabinets installed or buy a new refrigerator, it is not a 2 minute sale. Setting up an install and selling a new door to a customer can take 30 to 60 minutes to finish up (that is if you don't have to answer the phone).

I used to work at Lowe's and worked at several other locations. A couple of the locations were slower in sales than the Martinsburg store yet they had more people per department.

The manager there is more concerned about getting customers to get a credit card with Lowe's than making sure that their shopping needs are met.

When I started with Lowe's, it was all about greeting and helping out customers. Now it is all about how many credit card applications the store can get. It doesn't even matter if the customer is approved for credit, just apply. The hero's of the store are the people that get lots of applications, not in helping out customers and getting sales! WOW

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The truth,I have ten years at Lowes and it has been going downhill every year.Now we are we are stealing Home Depot Managers who are just nasty ***.Customer Focus my ***,Managers making bonus on employees backs is how the stores are run.Customers are always on the bottom of the list!


Someone seems a little cranky I think. LOL