Bought Siding from Lowes! They talk to me into using who they chose to put on.

First Lowes miss measured.

cost me and extra 700.00 In staller was ok but said hes not going to contract for them again. Never buy or have Lowes installers!! In bath room they cut out wrong hole in the floor vent!! Also bought carpet They first came ripped all of the out carpet.Then,then I say they brought the wrong color carpet.I had to prove it with my recipiet.Called Lowes,told them what was wrong.They said it would be 3 weeks to get the right carpet to me!!

I didnt want with out carpet,so they said they would lay the wrong carpet down until the right carpet comes in.Three weeks when right carpet came in.they laid it and it looked like a roller coaster.It took 3 different carpet layers come and try to straighten it out!!! Listen to this,Lowes didnt even care!!!!!I was shocked how they did this to me and NEVER did make it right from me!!

User's recommendation: DONT GO THERE.

Location: Wapakoneta, Ohio

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