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We purchased our custom cabinets from Lowes, they actually did the design and install. First of all, it took them 5 weeks to make the cabinet (not include the design phase) After 5 weeks wait, the cabinet finally arrived.

But then we discovered some pieces were missing from the shipment. Also, cabinet sizes were wrong!!! We had to re-order the right pieces and wait for another 4 weeks for the new materials to come in!!!!!! Even the range hood they ordered was wrong, it won't fit in the cabinet they designed!!

We spent a considerable amount of money on the cabinet, and we are totally disappointed. Will not recommend it to anyone!!!

Will never buy any cabinets from Lowes again!!

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Unrealistic expectations? You should have been advised of and given information as to how long the process may be.

If not, your designer failed you.

Kitchens are complicated jobs and even one small variation will stop a job in its tracks. You should expect 3 months +/- depending upon how 'special' your materials and your home are.

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