Windsor, Colorado
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My husband and I were shopping for a refrigerator to replace the one we have in our garage. We went to Lowe's in Loveland, CO.

We found one on clearance for $769.00. We then went to Home Depot compared and returned to Lowe's where a sales woman helped us. After searching the computer for 20 minutes she called "Dave" who informed us that it was incorrectly marked and would be $1,000. Boy, I wish we would have been told that the first time we visited the store and saved us 2 hours.

Next time, we will drive right on passed your store and start with Home Depot. Sorry Dave.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Customer service.

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3rd time lowes has been less than honest. Twice the advertised fence boards at a great price.

When I arrived at the store they stated it was incorrect and wanted another dollar a board. Today it was a fence panel. One price at one store and a different much higher price at a store 5 miles away. What a crock.

Lowe price guarantee my hinny. They can't even match their own stores.

Lebanon, Illinois, United States #1183596

Lowes would have matched the price.Thats how they did a washer/dryer combo i pictured.

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