Dallas, Texas

I had the Lowes person come out and price 10 out of the 15 windows in our house. We signed the contract. Then the person called back after we signed stating that 2 windows would have to be picture windows and wanted to know if that was ok, I said yes. Then when I asked about the price difference they said they would not change the price. In fact he said he under charged me so I am getting a deal anyway,

That was around Jan 9, 2008. The windows were installed on March 14, 2008. I had to keep on them to order the windows and I was managing the project I paid them to do. Then there was warranty issues 4 windows had damage. The final window was repaired on Sept 29th. Now on October 17th I get a certified letter and it was the permit. They did not even pull it until October 8th, 2008. I cannot get the other windows installed until they close this one out.

I have called Lowes corp office and did not even get a return phone call. I used there website and they say they will call in 2 days. Still nothing!!

All this year we have bought appliances at Lowes and they have been very good about that. But the whole Window issue is driving me nuts.

The people at Lowes Exterior Solutions just do not care.

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Permits are always the owners responsibility


tough live with it hahahaahahh

live and learn chomphead




:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry sounds like another customer that just got up and wanting to *** about something they don't understand.