Our window installation(16 windows) has proven to be one of the worse we have experienced in the many years of Lowe's product installations. Windows were purchased and install through Lowe's(store#0358), 1207 North Main Street, Summerville, SC 29483.

Windows were delivered on August 31, 2021; with installation to begin on Sept 1; to last no longer than 3 1/2 dates.

2-people(1 man worked; 1 called a helper/driver) came at approx 10:30am on Sept 1st; worked for about 2 hours; then went away for lunch approx 2 hrs &;;; took off for lunch; left about 5pm.

On arrival first day they came with extremely loud amplified music on trailer. Non professional. Used customer bathroom several times.

They were to return on Thursday. Did not return; did not call to say they were not returning.

We had taken off work to keep house open for inside work. On 3rd day; we had to call and visit store to inquire when/if they were returning. They returned at 11pm.; & said they would finished Were not able to finish left at 6pm; saying they had another job to go to on Saturday; would return on Monday; Sept 4th at 9am.

Called on the Saturday; asking to come on Sunday. We could not accommodate Sunday work.

They returned Monday 10:30, said they had another job in the afternoon and would finish with us; and had to leave at 12 noon.

They left at noon without allowing us the opportunity to check if everything was satisfactory or even notifying us that they were finished.

We have found caulking(open cracks around back windows) incomplete; we also have a widow with hairline crack needing replacement.

We desire no further service from these individuals; lost wages from the no show times/not calling to inform us they were not returning at said time/day; has been enough to say "no more".

After our situation; we looked at the online reviews and everyone has the same complaints.

We have had the same experience. We did not get all we paid for; in reference to service almost $10,000.

User's recommendation: This was a mistake. It was send to the wrong location.

Location: Summerville, South Carolina

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