Middleport, Ohio

My mother-in-law had Lowe's install 4 Pella windows. The windows are great. However, the installation looks TERRIBLE!!! There is no window ledge & some of the trim was cut short. Instead of recutting the trim strips and boards, they just caulked the gaps.

The windows were purchased in Logan, WV. If you buy windows from Lowe's of Logan, WV, get your own installer. I am truly displeased with this Lowe's.

The manager promised to follow-up with us and has still not gotten back to us. Before it is over, Lowe's will probably blame Pella. Again, do NOT let Lowe's install your windows.

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We are getting ready to purchase 15 windows and install from lowes of beckley ,pella, what should we be aware of for our protection this is a big purchase for us. they have already measured and gave us an estimate, now what


haha lowes for windows, shouldve just went to sears. there installer put in windows one day and sinks the next, should have called a WINDOW COMPANY, im sure you overpayed as well most of there products are cheap and generic. Yes even pella has cheap and generic windows that they would never sell to a cutomer only to large department stores, who want something cheap and generic.


Your problem isn't with Lowe's. It's your contractor you need to be mad at.

Whenever you purchased your window and whenever your bid came through the Installed Sales department, a contractor accepted the bid and at that point he claims all responsibility for the project. Lowe's really doesn't have anything to do with your problem but because they care about their customers, they will do what they can to keep you happy.

Charleston, WV



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