Independence, Missouri

I live in Independence MO and on May 6, 2007 I purchased a 1/2 hp Water Ace sump pump that had a 5 year warranty. Today the sump pump went out and I have almost a full year of warranty left. I called the manager at Lowes and they told me that I would have to send it to the manufacture as they will only replace within the first year. What a Fu_cing bunch of BS!!! That is really going to do me a lot of good today while my basement floods.

If you buy a car part from an auto parts store and there is a lifetime warranty on the part and you have trouble you simply bring it back to the store and they give you a new one and deal with the manufacture who sells to them on a daily basis....this is the way it should be and not make the customer deal with the problem.

I think that Low life Lowes could send the pump back to the manufacture on the next truck with the rest of the ***.

Fu_k Lowes,

Carl Bryant

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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I bought a pump at Lowes with a lifetime waranty. I asked what happens if the manufacturer goes out of business.

The service center person said that Lowes would give me a comparable pump. Now the pump broke.

i called Lowes they said that the manufacturer changed the warranty to 5 years. Lowes won't honor the lifetime anymore just the 5 years now.


What an ***! Like Lowes has to stand by a sump pump they sold 4 years ago. I enjoyed the comments......they were a riot.


Slow down, there, High Speed. You are wrong at almost every turn.

Yes, you have a 5 yr warranty. No, a 5 yr warranty on a pump isn't analogous to a lifetime warranty on a car part. No, the warranty is not through Lowe's. Ultimately, you are NOT renting or leasing a pump until it breaks!

At some point, like 30 days you pay for it, YOU OWN IT for certain! Learn to calm yourself enough to read and understand the business contracts you agree to when you shop somewhere.


From reading the Lowe's complaints it appears the Lowe's customer can't read. :cry :cry :cry


yea, not the retailers issue, they will replace within 30 days of your purchase and if you bought a replacement plan then the company would have replaced it too.


With that attitude, I bet your wife wishes she had a warranty like that with you! You must really be Mr. happiness around the house!


Are you serious? You expect the store to replace a pump that was working for 4 years.

I could see a couple months getting a replacement but this is a manufacturing warranty not a store warranty. No brainer to me :sigh


Hey ***, if you could read when you buy stuff you would know it's a manufacture warranty. Take it up with them, if you worked retail you would know it's not our call to replace it, it's the manufactures fault.

The manufacture wants you to go through them. Send a complaint to them it's not the retailers fault.


Lowes didn't make the pump. It is not Lowes that offered the 5 year warranty.

It was the manufacturer that offered the warranty and you need to follow their policy to take advantage of the warranty. Don't blame Lowes for your inability to read the warranty.