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4/14/2018 - Lowes has been our go-to place for remodels and repairs for over 30 years. Saturday we spent over an hour shopping for materials for our bathroom remodel.

When we finally found someone to wait on us, we felt that we were a bother to him and that he was not interested in helping us. He was not able to answer simple questions about in stock items and ordering, and didn't make an attempt to check the computer. He eventually whipped out some 3x5 cards that he had in his pocket and seemed to look through them searching for something.

When we finally told him we would go elsewhere he shrugged his shoulders and walked away. After asking an employee at the front of the store to call a manager, we waited over 20 minutes without success.

Menards was pretty happy to help us with our bathroom remodel and even happier when we spent a ton of money.

I will continue to attempt to talk to someone in a management position at Lowe's but not holding my breath.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Customer service was unbeleivably.

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That's big box retail anymore and that includes Menards and Home Depot as well. You probably found someone that works in another department that really didn't know much about bathroom fixtures.

The on e person working i the plumbing area was probably on break or lunch. You have a manager covering a huge store and if they are talking to someone on one end of the store they sure aren't going to be running to the other end of the store because they got a page.

All three of these stores are competing on price and the only real way to cut costs anymore is to reduce the number of people working in the stores. Until people are willing to pay higher prices to cover more employees the situation is only going to get worse as if you don't need a salesperson you can buy it for less on the internet.


Not holding your breath ? -- why not save your breath instead ?

If they didn't care the day you were there they surely won't care now, ex post facto. If you found another place you liked, stay with that.

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