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I spent the afternoon placing an order online for delivery. It was mostly a new garage door and a little lumber I would need for that.

Got to the point where I put my CC# in, and this red message tells me to contact customer service. I don't know why. I call them with the order still on the screen and the young lady makes me read all the item numbers in the list to her. We get to the point where I'm ready to give her my CC# again (this is taking all day) and she says they have to connect me to a store.

Fifteen minutes on hold, then they hung up. She calls me back and apologizes for the hassle, tries to connect me again and they don't pick up again.

WHAT THE **** DOES IT TAKE to place an order there?

How many hours am I expected to spend trying to do this simple thing?? They say the DMV and the post office are nightmares, but I always find it's service like this that is the biggest time waster in my life.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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