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From now on I will take tape measure, Purchased utility shelving and was suppose to be 1"x12"x8' even states on receipt. when brought home went ahead and cut the Length I needed and when I went to put up it was only 11 1/4 " shelving and not 12" as stated at store and on receipt not only that but it is a far drive for me.

Item #1368. I am very PO'd. I can't take back now cause I had already cut all the lengths I needed.

I wish things would be what they state they are. Irecently purchased flooring and am using their contractors I am thinking of pulling out and getting refund taking to long.

Reason of review: measurements way off by 3/4" and receipt even states it is 12"wide Trans# 35662315 03-06-2015 Item 1368 4@$12.98ea.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: A Lowes gift card for at least $25, full amount would make me happier but I made do with product just had to configure way that was time consuming & demanding especially since I just purchsed flooring & door & install for $1800 doing on 03/25/15.

Lowes Pros: Neat aisles, Cashier very nice and friendly.

Lowes Cons: Size marked wrong.

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Lumber is cut and sold based on the assumption that the buyer knows what they are doing. Since most measurements are exact and wood expands and contracts due to temperature and humidity, you have to space wood and that spacing is factored into the measurements. Non structural materials like MDF and particle board are usually exact because they aren't intended for anything other than furniture.


So you don't think to look at the piece of wood your buying and actually check the size? How ignorant can you be?

Do you know anything about wood at all. It is always cut short and thin, not just the lumber the big box stores by in bulk.


I guess I am pretty ignorant to assume something is going to be the size it states it is. But it was a inch think and 8 ft long so I guess they screwed up by putting correct marking there, oh oh Ignorant me.


You will probably find the board is only 3/4" thick as well. That is standard sizing of a 1 x 12.

If you go in and measure a 2 x 4 you will find it closer to 1 5/8 x 3 9/16".

If you are going to buy lumber in the future, take time to educate yourself on what actual lumber sizing is. Thus is true at all lumber stores, not just Lowes.


And if someone were to have offered me help I would have taken it. But I don't need no 2x4's and when my son went up today he bought pre-laminated shelving and it was correct 12".

So why are some items marked correctly and others not,why isn't their a disclaimer that tells people to please measure as wood may be little off than size indicated for people that aren't contractors or common buyers of wood. If anything lumber yards should educate themselves on proper measurement techniques and statements to that fact.

Wood hasn't always been like this at one time it was what it stated a 2x4 was actually just that.


hey I have an IDEA! why don't we just change 11 1/4 inches to mean 12" in math, that way their will be no more ignorance and maybe your kids will get better grades on the subject and I will know the true measurement of wood..............dang it just may work, you carpenters are so smart


If you needed help you could have asked for it. Laminated shelving is a different product than raw lumber and tends to go by actual measurements. Next time you go shopping for wood take a tape measure or someone that understands lumber with you or ask for help at the store.