Bot a BBQ grill. Went back next day to get it.

Waited 45 min and no help. Finally called the mgr while I was in store. It wasn't ready so I asked if they could deliver it. He didn't offer but told me it would be delivered this afternoon.

Just caught the delivery guy putting notice on my door that they tried. Didn't ring doorbell, call me and it was supp to be later today. Called mgr. Havent been back and no follow up.

They SUCK!!!!

Just not worth the frustration. Their level of incompetence is appalling and they have no remorse

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Pearland, Texas, United States #693356

lowe's #685 the one on Pearland Texas is the worst customer service I ever have in my life This store need ....training and ...deep change on their employee some of the employe are good but from manegment the way to the employee ?????????????????????? :cry :( :sigh


Want to know what sucks? YOUR SPELLING!

Bot, you cant be serious... Bought is the correct spelling.

I hope you realize that 3rd graders know the difference between bot and bought.

to Heartless #629251

You need to keep your comments to yourself! This site is for people to voice their complaints and they don't need someone acting like a school teacher telling them their spelling is bad!

This person has every right to post anything they want and if you don't like it, too bad.

to ***ed #630306

He/she has the right to post whatever they want? AND I DON'T?

Are you really that STUPlD? This website is designed for anyone to post as they see fit.

If people can't handle a swift and just response they probably should reconsider posting anything anywhere on the internet. If you can't post a proper argument odds are you're the one causing the issue to begin with and have nothing to be pissed about, unless of course you're pissed at yourself.

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