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Can only say how frustrating it is, i get fobbed off from one employee to another, cannot get a clear answer as to when my roof is going to be replaced. It has been two months since we spoke to the sales person.

The roof is paid for and now they do not anticipate having the shingles until sometime in January.......then they have to find a contractor. I thought this was a reputable company.

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Go to Lowes and get a refund. Hire a local contractor to do the job and save some money.

There is no reason to pay Lowes to hire a contractor. When you hire your own contractor you can check their references and you know exactly who is working on your home.


There are roofing companies in most localities so there is no reason to go through a big box store like Lowe's for a roofing project. As around to friends, etc., and get a quote for a couple of local roofing companies.

There is no reason to wait months for something like this. Not sure why you would pay Lowe's for a job in advance, but tell them you want your money refunded and find that local roofer now.