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I purchased a Samsung refrigerator and 3 year service plan. The fridge quit working and repair was made.

Within 30 days fridge broke again. I called for service and was told they dont service Samsung products! I need to call Samsung. WHAT, I purchased at Lowes and with their warranty.

I hung up and called again, this time I got scheduled for service, but 6 days later. After waiting all that time without a fridge the day of my service I took off work and waited and the repair person did not show up in the allotted 4 hour time frame I was given. I called Lowes customer service to see what happened and my options. I was treated very poorly and got no where further on getting a repair.

I still have an unusable fridge and maybe a repair person coming. I dont know and they dont know. Also it gets worse since the claims are within 30 days its all one issue not two separate so no end in sight.

If it was two separate the third incident I could look at lemon law. So between the two incidents for the last 30 days I have had a working fridge for about half the time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1650.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Cons: Horrid.

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It seems that Lowes makes it as difficult as possible to claim the benefit you pay for with the extended warranty. Their customer service numbers are a joke with people who do not listen to what you tell them but simply repeat the same pre-written answer over and over again.


I too have a Samsung refrigerator and bought the five year Lowes protection plan. I've had the refrigerator less than 3 years and have had to have it serviced at least 10 time so far and the customer service representative being smart said I will more than likely be making more calls within the next 2 years.


Retail stores do not warranty products. The manufacturer does.

If the problem was within the 1st year Samsung is responsible for the warranty, not Lowes.

If you purchased a service plan beyond the 1 year warranty it again is provided by an outside company that would be responsible for the repairs. Don't complain about the retail store, complain about the company responsible for the repairs.


The service contract was sold by Lowe's and you are directed by the plan papers to call the given number. I did and they connected me to the local store manager.

He set up a service date. Thus my only organization I had contact with was the local store.

I feel that they then are the ones that must make good on the protection plan I was sold when I purchase the unit just as the person in this complaint! Lowe's took my money for the plan and thus responsible for living up the terms of the plan!