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My refrigerator went out while I was out of town, returned home to a horrible smelling house because my fridge stop work. This is 14 months into a extended warranty contract.

When I called the Sunday following this discovery, their system was down and I had to wait and additional day for the service call, they scheduled me for 2 days later. When the service men came, they told the motherboard or something went out. and it would take 12 -14 days for the part to come in and they l would let me know when it comes in; the day went by no one called me or anything. I called the next day the lady I spoke with said, " if you rent a refrigerator, we will reimburse you 25%".

I got pissed and asked to speak with a manager and JoJo from corporate gets on the line and sets up a lender. Well, it took another 2 days to bring that lender. But, it only gets worst from here, once they came and set up the lender, they leave and one hour later the fridge stops working. I call and they tell me someone will get back to me before the day is over.

When the delivery men call me back, they tell me I have someone's fridge that was in the store for repair. Now, they come back the following day (still another day without a refrigerator), when they come they repair the customers fridge and leave it in my house. Now it is three weeks before my fridge is repaired, so they tell me to keep the lender for two or three days and then have it picked up. Well, I call twice and the fridge was in my garage a total of 32 days before they finally picked it up.

After, all this ***, now I am waiting on my $300.00 food reimbursement, I sent that in the beginning of May, they tell me, it was never processed because I didn't put prices beside the list of items I submitted (this is the list off food that was in my fridge when it stopped working). But, get this even if you don't submit everything properly no one will ever contact you and let you know, you have to finally call them and they will inform you at that time. So, guess what from April 23, 2017 to now July 11, 2017 I still do not have my reimbursement check, they will let you know it take 21- 28 day to process your claim, even after they have made you life a living ***. I will never buy anything from Lowes ever again.

If you are smart get a Home Depot Charge Card and never look back.

They never offer me one thing for all my inconvenience or trouble. Lowes sucks!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Cons: Disinterest on the part of lowes employees, Rude executive associate.

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I hear you. Lowe's is horrible.

Dont use Lowes or Chris George of Alabama Dream Homes! This is the slowest, lowest quality, and most stressful install company we have ever used. The contracts with Lowe's to install siding and a deck were signed on March 2, 2017. We were told that the siding would be completed in two weeks and the deck project would be completed in a similar timeframe.

We have had to deal with multiple problems and difficulties with quality and timing of work, and the conduct of Lowe's or Alabama Dream Homes.

The problems include:

The subcontractor Alabama Dream Homes selected by Lowe's attempted to perform various portions of the work in a manner that did not comply with applicable city building codes, and we and/or the City of Opelika, Alabama were required to insist that building codes be followed.

Alabama Dream Homes also did not obtain building permits as required by the City of Opelika, until forced to do so at our insistence; various shortcuts and/or improper materials were used on the project, requiring us to have to insist that the substandard work be remedied, and in some cases, the substandard work is still not remedied. Many of the main screws attaching the deck to the house were not even touching the house, since they tried to cover damaged wood. And this deck is about ten feet off the ground! I have video of Chris George playing with one of our security cameras, probably to disable them so we could not see the bad work he does.

Boxes, empty food bags, drinks and other trash has been repeatedly left in our yard.

Ladders, trailers and other construction materials or equipment left in the yard for weeks; and most notably, Lowe's and/or Alabama Dream Homes have continued to delay and the project still has not been completed, as of July 13th, 2017. We have complained to corporate Lowes for weeks, but they are not able to help much and Lowes has shown no willingness to provide any type of refund or compensation.


If you are smart you would know that the stores is not responsible for the service plan. The service plan is provided by an outside vendor, not Lowes.

Same thing at Home depot, the service plans are provided by outside vendors.

You should be placing the blame on the vendor, not the store. Rather than complaining about the loaner Lowes provided you should be happy that they provided it at all, bet Home Depot wouldn't have done that.


How is this Lowe's fault? They aren't responsible for the product or the warranty. They just sold the product.