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Lowes has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered appliances from lowes (physical store) to be delivered to my new residence. They give me a delivery date with a time frame of 3pm-5pm. At 5:30 pm I call and they tell me they weren’t able to deliver today (no call, no email to let me know). They tell me delivery will be the following day from 5pm-7pm. They arrive 7:40 pm. The next day when I open the dishwasher it is banged up on one side- It looked like the delivery men threw down the boxes without care. I call to let them know that the dishwasher came defective and if they can come and replace it and they tell me I have to come and bring it to the store for an exchange which is ridiculous!! Wait there’s more…

I had also placed an order online for 3 ceiling fans and two thermostats from them. They called me a few days later and told me they did not have the thermostats in stock and would not be able to deliver them. I told them that was fine and that I'd get the thermostats somewhere else. The day after my missed scheduled delivery, I call and I am informed that our order has been cancelled because of inventory issues (again, no call no e-mail). The girl I spoke to on the phone didn’t even want to attempt to help me. I asked that the order be placed again and due to their mess up I asked if they could expedite the delivery, which she refused. I was persistent and she put me on hold for 30 minutes!!! After waiting and waiting I started yelling into the phone that I would be filing a complaint and magically she answered the phone right then! Anyways she told me one day shipping wasn't possible, which I don't believe, but I agreed to the 3 day shipping. A day later I get an email with the delivery confirmation and the address is somewhere in Alabama (I live in Las Vegas) and on the order its one thermostat and 2 ceiling fans (supposed to be 3 ceiling fans only). I call today to fix and they tell ME, that I have to call fedex to fix the address or call back tomorrow to essentially remind them to do their jobs. I call the next day again and they tell me that a “specialist team” was going to contact me in 3 days to reorder the products, I told them to just give me my money back.

What a terrible experience. Go to Home Depot! Much more professional and helpful.

PS Lowe's uses a third party carrier to deliver their products so they can differ blame and responsibility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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