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the plumbing company who installed our sink did a faulty job. Since it was not a working part that failed it was solely due to shoddy land they wont give us the courtesy of fixing what they damaged in our home due to their contractors faux pas.

You see they used the cheapest product un be known to us when they did the installation it worked then caused a massive flood when the hose came unconnected.

it is sad to say that from the CEO down to the lowest paid associate they can only read from a script which does not apply to our problem.

Seems their customer service reps have difficulty processing what is being told to them they just keep repeating their script in front of them, by now they have it memorized. And so my dear friends BUYER BEWARE

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Sink Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: replace my destroyed bedroom capet due to flooding with carpeting they sell in their stores not asking for much..

Lowes Cons: How we were treated when a problem arose nasty nasty, Will never shop at lowes again.

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glad to read that there are so many others who woulkd never return to a lowes store so it just cannot be me


Sounds like someone is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Are you talking about a supply tube to a faucet or a drain hose from a dishwasher?

If it was a drain hose you are only talking about a few gallons of water...hardly a "massive flood".

You also neglect to say how long ago the sink was installed. Is it possible someone hit the "hose" and loosened it?

to Anonymous #1523887

sounds like you are working for lowes water up to my angle just shy of electrical outlets is a big deal it was one year past installation should never have happened it was the installation not a working part that we could have damaged. so there you go still I would steer clear of Lowes now and forever.

to Anonymous #1523889

buyer beware lowes has worst customer service from ceo down to lowly minimum wage associate. they are only capable of reading from the scripts provided tp them at time of hiring and never deviate right or wrong. They don't even comprehend the issue at hand they see what they want tp see or hear only.

to Anonymous #1523979

No, I don't work for Lowes, but I can understand the reality of life. Who knows what happened to the plumbing in a years time.

You would think if it was an installation problem it would have shown up before a year.

Sure, it's easy to blame the installer but who knows what hit or moved the plumbing over a years time. I'd be much more willing to believe it was an installation problem if it had happened within a few weeks.

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