New Kensington, Pennsylvania
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Couldn't agree more. Incompetent and poor service.

Home Depot for us going forward. We went to the store to get a washer. They were unable to order the one we wanted FROM THE STORE COMPUTER! Told us to go home and order online which was a HUGE hassle and an hour on the phone.

Then on delivery day which took forever and a day, they called to tell us the washer was damaged and did we still want it? DUH!!!! They told us they would call in a couple of days. This was Saturday.

On Monday after several calls and no answers, we cancelled the order.

Now we will have to fight for our money back. NEVER will purchase ANYTHING from Lowes again.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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We are going through terrible service as well. There goal, get your money and NO service.

WE have called Lowes cares (right), we have gotten nowhere. Managers don't care. LG drying of 7 months stopped working. Service techs been here twice.

Still not fixed. So on 3 weeks without dryer.

It will be 4-5 weeks. POOR service