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The heart of my gross dissatisfaction lies in Lowe's twice iterated commitment to make delivery between 8:00am and 12:00noon on December 2nd. The item did not arrive until nearly 3:00pm.

Despite lengthy and multiple calls to Lowe's, I found that there was no interest in, concern about, or willingness to hold accountability for their failure. Lowe's staff attempted to excuse their failure by making wild statements that - at each step - I refuted with facts. Lowe's acknowledged my rebuttals, but did not ever accept responsibility...

or offer any good faith "make good" accommodation. The experience demonstrated that Lowe's concern for a customer is a distant consideration.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Lowe's doesn't actually deliver anything. They hire trucking companies to do their deliveries for them. Maybe contact the delivery service instead next time.

to Anonymous #1424953

Maybe where you are from they hire different people but my lowes actually had lowes drivers


Delivery trucks can get delayed for various unforseen circumstances beyond human control. What “wild statements(excuses) did Lowe’s give you? What “make good” accommodation do you expect for a 3 hour delay in your delivery?

to 1592PCFL #1403561

Dear Lowe's Plant City Florida Guy, If the delay had been presented as an "unforeseen circumstance[s]", I'd accept that. It wasn't.

The excuses ranged from 'all delivery arrangements are made by lowes corporate in North Carolina' to 'the driver doesn't answer his phone'... but moments before: 'we just called the driver, and he said...'. What accommodation should a business make for a failed commitment (irrespective of the duration)?... something.

Yes, something. Lowe's made no accommodation whatsoever.

to pissed #1403719

It’s not worth getting so upset and melodramatic over. I would hate to see something as minor as a late delivery give you a stroke.

May I suggest Home Depot. It is great that we live in a country where we can chose whom to do business with.

to 1592PCFL #1404513

Dude. There's no "melodrama" here.

I can't even say that I'm unduly "upset." I'm expressing dissatisfaction. Yes, I'm dissatisfied. And my diverting my business elsewhere demonstrates that I'm not "emotional" about this. Instead, I'm reacting to behaviors in an analytical, concrete, and decisive manner that is best for me.

And, yeah, Home Depot (and Valu Home Center, in my area) are now my "go to first" stores of this type.

Clearly, my experience is not a total aberration.

Everyone knows that "stuff happens." Lowe's knows that, too.

A firm that doesn't have effective policies & processes in place and active to deliver (no pun intended) an outstanding customer experience gets bumped to the bottom of my list. Lowe's declining business/financial growth relative to their industry seems to support my opinion.

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