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I thought i’d give Lowe’s a try and buy the materials there for a new fencing project.

I would like to warn that this is a very lengthy comment. I apologize but I need to tell my story.

6/4/19- Tuesday night I ordered fencing materials online from the Cotati store, the nearest store about 10 miles where I live.

I paid the fee to have them delivered. Got my order confirmation and my order was scheduled for Friday 6/7 delivery which was perfect because I have people coming Saturday morning to do the job.

6/15/19 The following morning got notification both from our bank and Lowe’s: our bank had reversed the payment due to possible fraudulent activity. We confirmed with our bank it’s our purchase. Called Lowe’s back to reprocess our order.

Our order was processed and had confirmed that the delivery will still be on Friday. I asked if it is possible our order be delivered in the afternoon because I get off at 2pm. I was told ok and just tell the person who will be calling me the day before the delivery of this request. So I thought that’s great.

6/6/19, Thursday I received a call from the outsourced delivery company named DSI.

I was told that my order is scheduled to be delivered in the morning bracket (9am-1pm). I made my request to have my order delivered after 2pm because I won’t be home until then. I was immediate told “no” with an attitude. I told the DSI rep on the phone that I was told by Lowe’s that I can make that request.

The DSI person insisted she could not do it, she can’t make any changes. I was disappointed but nothing I can do. I was at work so I didn’t want to argue. My husband had to take Friday off to receive the delivery in the morning.

6/7/19 Friday around 9am, I received a call again from DSI, the delivery company hired by Lowe’s and informed me that they were having car problems so they won’t be able to deliver that morning, our order will be delivered in the afternoon instead.

So of course in my mind I was upset because my husband had to take the day off for nothing. So ok, I tried to be patient and be understanding, unforeseen circumstances do happen. Around 1pm my husband called me and told me the order order came but there are some damages. My husband said the delivery people said they had nothing to do about those mistakes, they just do delivery.

Fine, that’s correct, they didn’t do the picking, that’s understood. So when I came home, I checked the materials and found that most of of my order was wrong. The 2x6x10 came 4x6x10, the lattices are 2x1ftx8ft not the 2x24x8 that I paid for and 1 was even damaged. The panels were short 7 pieces and 1pc was damaged.

The 4x4x10 posts came 4x6x10 as well

7:45pm I called the store. I talked to a young lady and I explained to her what happened, she said she could not help me but a manager may be able to help do an emergency delivery. She put me on hold and transferred to the manager on duty named Corbin.

I again had to explain what happened and asked if they can send me the right products that night but Corbin said he can’t and we would have to wait for the Delivery Manager the following day to see if he can get the replacements in the truck for Saturday morning delivery. And Corbin told me that i have to make a purchase for the materials that I needed again.

So I had to pay for the replacements and will only get the credits when they pick up the wrong materials they had sent. I thought that was really inconvenience. My order was wrong and I have to pay for a replacement.? I didn’t want to argue, I just wanted to get my order delivered the following day.

I told Corbin, I have contracted 2 workers already and they will come Saturday morning . So I asked him to please send the replacement materials first thing in the morning. Corbin said he will email Richard Ross, the delivery manager and tell him of my situation. I asked that they contact me right away .

I asked Corbin what time the store opens and what time Richard will be in and he told me at 6am. He said he will have Richard call me first thing in the morning but if I don’t hear from Richard by 8am, then I should call Richard.

6/8/19 Saturday

I woke up at 6am and waited for Richard’s call

7:54 decided to call the store. (I have to add, they don’t pick up calls right away, it takes about a minute before someone picks up). When I finally got connected to someone, I asked for Richard and I was transferred to his line.

I told Richard who I was and if he got Corbin’s email or message about my order situation. He said he is aware. I asked him why he didn’t call me as I was waiting for his call. Richard said he didn’t want angry customer yelling at him for calling too early on the weekend.

I said you were made aware of my situation and that I told Corbin to have you contact me when you come in to let me know if my order will be in the delivery truck. I said I told Corbin that I requested for a call first thing in the morning. Then he said he wasn’t told. Conflicting stories.

So then I asked him if the materials are being delivered because the workers are at my house already. He said that his delivery guy had a car problem and he’s having a car mechanic over to help the driver fix the car. I said that’s 2 days in a row I was given that excuse already. Whether it’s true or not, I thought What kind of business is that?

Wouldn’t you think if you’re in a delivery business, you should have a reliable car. I said to Richard, “you should think about changing your subcontractor”. Richard quickly replied that he doesn’t make that decision, but the management. I said that he should tell the management that their delivery subcontractor is unreliable.

But that is only part of the problem, the problem started with Lowe’s pulling the wrong products from their shelf.

Richard said he can’t promise that my order will be delivered that morning and said he’ll know after he hears back from the driver. I asked if he can please call and find out and let me know.

10:13am - I did hear back so I called again and asked Richard to please tell me if I will get the order or not so we can go out and buy the materials if my 2nd order is not coming. He said he hasn’t heard back from his driver and will check again. This time I pleaded that he calls me in 10mins before we go out to get the materials somewhere.

He said, he will call me right away. 3hours past, no call.

1pm - I called the store again and spoke to Michelle. I told her what’s going on. She tried to page Richard but apparently he’s not available, she took my name & number and said she will have Richard call me back.

I waited again hour after hour, no courtesy call.

At this point my husband told me to stop waiting.

No one is coming, no one is calling, Lowe’s doesn’t care. I just wanted to know why? Where’s the customer service, the consideration, the courtesy call, good or bad news. I paid for an order that came with damages, missing items, wrong items.

I then again paid for a replacement order (for their mistake) . I am out $$$ having paid workers full day even though they didn’t work the whole day, not their fault. It was very stressful and most importantly, I missed a special family occasion on that day because I had to wait for the call and the delivery.

Sunday, 6/9 still no phone call, no delivery

8am My husband and the workers went out to buy the needed materials.

I was already very upset that I didn’t want to go to Lowe’s store and make a scene. I was in tears because of this whole ordeal

11:06 I tried calling Lowe’s, no answer, ringing for over a minute

11:10 called store, no answer, ringing for over a minute

5:20pm called the 704 area code customer service line, spoke to LaDonna.

I told her my experience. I told her I just want want everything credited back, my 2nd order (the replacements), the damaged item , missing items and incorrect materials we are returning from the initial order, the $$$ I am out, the $80 delivery fee.. La Donna seems very sympathetic but unfortunately could not do anything about refunding me. She said she will contact the store and will have Richard call me back.

She said if I don’t get a call from Richard in 24 hours , I should call her back.

6:02 tried calling the store no answer

6:04 I decided to try to talk to Corbin instead to let him know Richard didn’t make any effort to communicate with me. So I called and asked for Corbin, I was put on hold for along time, then was told Corbin isn’t in and was asked if I want to talk to a manager on duty, I said definitely yes. I was transferred to someone but it just kept ringing for over a minute and then I got disconnected. I called again, and the phone just kept ringing and ringing and ringing.

Not even the automated greeting came on, it just rang and rang and rang.

8:54 I received a missed call from DSI delivery company

9:05 I called DSI delivery back and spoke with Jumaya, I believe her name was. She advised me that my replacement order is scheduled for Monday 6/10 delivery (12:30-4:30 window). I was already very upset, so I told DSI, I don’t want the delivery anymore. Cancel it because no one will be home to receive it and besides, we went and got the materials somewhere.

Monday, 6/10/19

7:56am I called and asked if I could speak to a manager.

I was transferred to someone, the name I forgot. I told the person that I was talking to Richard before and that Richard never followed up/updated me. The person transferred me to Richard. Richard immediately advised me that my order will be delivered that day.

I told Richard “I do not need them anymore and that I already told DSI to cancel the delivery last night when they called” and to let Richard know I cancelled the order. I told Richard to please pick up the wrong products sent from the first order so that I can get my refund and that I also want the full refund for the 2nd order they didn’t deliver. He said will get the materials picked up. He was too quick to hang up on me.

So the whole day I wondered if they came to pick up because I wanted our refund.

When we came home, the wrong products they were supposed to pick up are still sitting on our driveway.

I have exhausted all my effort communicating and trying to get help and resolution from Richard.

6/11 3am - I emailed Lowe’s customer care online.

6/12 4:28am - I got a reply from CustomerCare that my concerns have been addressed and they forwarded to Lowe’s and that I would be contacted within 24hours by Lowe’s Senior management team in the Cotati store.

6/13 No one has contacted me.

Wrong Products still not picked up. However, I saw they refunded the 2nd order yesterday.

2:14pm- I emailed customer care again.

6/14 it is now 7:40pm- still no pick up, no call back, and even a reply email from customer care.

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Totally unprofessional service and I stand strong with this customer for all of the “crap” she went through. I just wonder if the wrong delivery was EVER picked up by Lowe’s.