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After carpet was installed by Lowes I had several doors that wouldnt open or close. Called Lowes customer care; Lowes store; the carpet installers and no one was able to do anything.

I called over 12 times and was hung up on; told manager would call back and never did; left on hold for hours. Lowes in schererville has a big problem. Only Teri that sold me the carpeting was efficient. Im 66 years old and had to remove the doors, put them in my car and take them somewhere to be shortened.

I hurt myself in the process. Big mistake going with Lowes.

User's recommendation: Don’t do it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Very upset and will give home depot a shot for awhile, No follow through on commitments made.

Location: 637 US Highway 41, Schererville, IN 46375

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Why would they be responsible for trimming your doors boomer? All carpet installers expect a cleared out room.

Trimming doors is not part of the installation.

Done be stupid. And don’t post your age or what you had to do with the doors.


You are the stupid one. They could have at least talked to me about a solution.

@Barb K

Why would they? So they can listen to you whine about a problem that isn’t theirs to solve?

So you can sit there and threaten them or cajole them? Your issue is YOUR ISSUE and not the fault of the installers. Many ppl would call a carpenter and have the bottom of their doors plainer for about $100. You want more work then you paid for and that’s not going to happen.

You just want to place the blame on them because otherwise you would have to admit that YOU didn’t realize that a new floor may be a bit higher.

By blaming them you absolve yourself of the mistake you made and then get the expectation of them fixing it for free. I find it strange a grown woman would act this way.


Having floors laid or carpet installed by a big box store is really not a good idea. These stores are convenient and probably cost less than a regular carpet store but the problems come when the cheaply-paid installer does a bad job.

Both Lowe's and the installer give you the run-around, etc. Best always to buy from a local carpet place who has had their own installers for some time and both will fix any problems that arise.

It's called taking responsibility. If you used a credit card to pay, you could try disputing the charge for bad, unfinished work, etc.

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