San Antonio, Texas

Bought top of the line Samsung Washer from lowes with the extended warranty 12 months ago. Of course the manufacturer warranty is expired so have to deal with endless calls, *** appliance repair company not showing up, ordering endless parts, wasting my time and so far three work days.I am so frustrated at this point with lowes and the way they make you waste three days of unnecessary service calls before them deem something unrepairable. The service companies they contract with are the cheapest possible and here in the San Antonio area they have no idea what they are doing.Today is day three of waiting for an incompetent repair guy and wasting 1.5 hours on the phone yet again with Lowes.I will never purchase ANYTHING from lowes again-canceling my credit line as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Lowe's extended warranty protection program (the Lowe's Advantage) is only an advantage to Lowe's. They take your money and run.

You are the fool at the great disadvantage.

Never purchase an extended warranty from these crooks. Run the other way fast.

Do not buy an appliance from Lowes either.

Daingerfield, Texas, United States #608282

WOW, You both are complaining about improper/inept service! Can't blame you for your complaints, BUT it's like complaining about the dealership that you bought your car from about the service that you received at the quick lube.

Valid complaint wrong people. Complain to the service provider, NOT THE PEOPLE THAT YOU BOUGHT YOUR EQUIPMENT FROM.


You are RIGHT ON with your complaint! My spouse and I bought a "top of the line" SAMSUNG dryer and have headaches with it from the get-go.

Lowe's so-called "Customer Service Advantage" department is a TOTAL joke with incompetent and rude SUPERVISORS. . . .to-boot!

They could care less about your complaint and do NOTHING to preserve a relationship with an OUTSTANDING customer. For now on it's SEARS or Home Depot that gets our "major appliance" purchases. At over 60yrs old, my spouse and I have had more HEADACHES with Lowe's than with any other company! Thanks.

. . .but NO thanks!

Good-bye LOWE'S!

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