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I purchased a gallon of Valspar with the primer to use in a small room. This is absolutely the most horrible paint I've ever used and I will never purchase it again.

First of all it's leaves patches. If you go back over an area that you've painted in the past 5-10 minutes it rolls that paint off and leaves a horrible looking glob of rolled up paint that will not smooth out without peeling up more of the paint on the wall. It's also thin so I had drip marks on my wall. I ended up sanding the entire walls, again, and applying two more coats.

I did this prior to applying the first coat of paint. I painted another room with Benjamin Moore paint and had absolutely no problems and the paint covered well with just one coat. I'm shocked that Lowes sells a product that is this bad. It also has a horrible smell that I didn't notice with the Benjamin Moore paint.

Spend more for a quality paint and skip the Valspar. In the end you will save money and be a lot less frustrated.

By the way I am not a professional painter but I've always done my own painting inside my home and have never had problems like I had with this Valspar.

Reason of review: Horrible product that did not do the job as expected..

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Product.

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I notified Lowes of the problems I had with the paint. I also showed them pictures.

They agreed the paint was flawed and refunded my money. I was also contacted by the company that makes Valspar paint. I did everything you mentioned prior to painting the walls. I always do that before I paint.

Lowes believes that the paint I bought may have been in a batch that froze on it's way to the store and then it was compromised after it thawed out. Evidently other people had the same problem. I've always used Valspar and have never had problems with it before.

I am more than satisfied with the fact they took my complaint seriously and are working on rectifying the problem. They were also very nice to me and very professional on the telephone.


Valspar is excellent paint. Scuff your old paint with a fine grit sand paper, clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry, use a tinted primer, and then apply the cover coat. Learn how to paint.