We bought a new Maytag washer and it started to make a lot of noises after only six months. I call the Lowes customer service center and was not getting any where.

After several calls and more than two weeks later, someone came to look at it.Therepair man told us that he could not believe it wore out that fast.We had to spend almost$200 to go to the laundry Mat to wash clothes.I have maytag washers in the past and have never had a problem.I will never buy a maytag or shop at Lowes again. There customer service has been the worst to have to deal with.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #695482

I have the same issue (it also stopped spinning) with the Maytag washer I bought from Lowes. I purchased a Protection Plan, had a appointment for today...yet no one came out.

I called Lowes corporate office in NC and was told it's not their problem the service rep didn't come out. Riddle me this.... why did I spend the money on a protection plan, if it does nothing for me.

Why doesn't Lowes stand behind their products? Never again will I buy from Lowe's or Maytag.


Oh my gosh! What is with you people!

Leave these people who write the posts alone!

If they feel the need to air a complaint, they certainly do not need people like you critizing them! Stop defending the Store and making these people feel bad!

The whole point of this website is to air out fustrations, not to be bombarded by heckling!

Dallas, Texas, United States #615647

I agree with Pissed Customer. I've been without a working washing machine for over a month.

My extended warranty will probably expired before the repair company orders the correct part and installs it.

I'll admit, I'm also angry at the repair company, but my calls to Lowes Customer Service was the true running in circles exercise. When I called customer service and ask for a number where I could complain, the number they gave me to another fine representative that transferred me back to the same group. Understand, this was after the third day of talking to customer service.

And they still were not able to add my cell number as a primary contact. I'll just go somewhere else next time.

Killeen, Texas, United States #601969

Lowes didn't build the washing machine. You bought a brand name appliance with a warranty, yet you do not call the manufacturer, but rather the retailer.

What would you have had Lowes do?

Lose the misplaced aggression and self-righteous indignation and start doing a little rational thinking. That is all!!

to Rational Thinker #778488

That is NOT all. Lowe's sells this junk while knowing of its low quality - they are on the hook as well.


Take it easy now, this is a complaint site, meaning it provides an opportunity for the customers to post complaints. Take your misplaced aggression and self-righteous attitude elsewhere.

Do yourself some rational thinking.

Your name doesn't match. Just saying.


Why does this deserve the dramatic "will never shop at Lowes again"??? Because YOU didn't deal with the one year manufacture warranty?? $200, really, doubt, I'm going to give this a FUNNY/BS :roll

to HMMMM... #778490

Ain't nothing dramatic here. The fella described their experience and hence won't shop at Lowe's again.

Ditto here.


But you will shop there, I take it. Good luck


See ya later when you get burned lol :)


$200 to wash clothes for two weeks? Maybe you should have bought a commercial grade washer, not a residentual unit. :grin


Why are you so mad at Lowes? The washer is a Maytag (owned by Whirlpool) and guaranteed by Maytag, not Lowes.

It seems your complaint should be with Maytag. Perhaps the reason it took so long to get it fixed is that you didn't contact Maytag as you should have rather than calling Lowes.

to Why... #600050

:grin AMEN!

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