Palmerton, Pennsylvania
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Went to check out and was told they would not accept my 214 and Picture PA Drivers ID in order to get military discount. What a slap in the face I served my country and thought discounts like Lowes offered was a hand shake for the time I served my country.

Guess I will have to take my business to a business that appreciates what I did. Oh yes the military does not offer this ID. I have to purchase it and I am not sure this will be accepted.

I will tell all my friends and co-works no to shop at Lowes. I used my 214 previously and it was accepted makes not sense that they would not accept it today.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Inglewood, California, United States #604876

I have worked for Lowes and served in the military, both I respect. You should not have been refused your military discount of 10% off.

The cashier probably refused your DD-214 because of the cashiers ignorance of standard military practices and protocal. I'm sure if you went back with your receipt or myLowes card, you will get reimbursed your 10% you earned.

Just calmly go ask for an ASM or Head Cashier at the Customer Service desk.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #592660

I've very rarely seen any form of Military Id Refused for a military discount in my 5 years at Lowes. Was it by chance a business purchase you were trying to use it on?


Based on this, I am assuming you have not read lowes policy for giving the veteran discount. They accept only a few forms of ID and a 214 is NOT one of them.

Also, not many people know this, but the policy clearly states you must be an ACTIVE member or have 20 years (yes, 20 years) of active service completed in order to qualify for the discount. Your ID must in fact be a type accepted by lowes and must show that you are either active, or have served 20 years. I believe this is *** So when I am working, I will approve anyone with a military ID.

No matter how long they served, 20 days or 20 years. Thank you for serving our country.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #590599

Did they give you a reason why they would not accept your dd214?

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