Pennsauken Township, New Jersey
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lowes would not exchange a brand new refridgerator that i purchased there for a upgrade.not happy with refridgerator wanted a larger one the first couple of weeks i had it.was told if i upgraded,would be able to get different one than was still unhappy with it and have tried to sell it to no avail. will not buy another appliance from them,also bought a stove and microwave at thesame time and 10 interior doors.

very unhappy with appliance manager in milville,n.j. still looking to buy a different fridge probably at sears.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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When you came into the Lowe's store, you were given NEW APPLIANCES, not some returns that someone decided they did not want after their "newness" wore off! In our store, there are indeed customers we have REFUSED to sell appliances to for this reason, they are "Red flagged" as customers who ALWAYS return whatever it is they buy.

Even our sales manager and store manager has refused certain customers.

After all, who wants a stockroom full of used appliances no one else will buy? No retailer does this to my knowledge, for good reason.

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