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Purchased a 36" wooden transom only needed 35" so I removed 1". When I attempted to install I noticed that it would not fit flush.

I noticed that there was a 6" x 1/8" gap in the front lower section of the wood. Sat. I took the defective transom back to store 0691 (White Marsh). The return clerk and then her manager refused to except the defective transom because I removed the 1".

I explained that I was returning it because it was defective and showed her where a knot in the wood had come out during the milling process.

The manager said that it is Lowes' policy not to refund if the piece was removed. I again explained that I was returning a defective (not usable) item. She told me "sorry" but she would not give me a credit. I left this store and drove 4 miles to the next nearest Lowes (store 2995) and explained the unbelievable experience at store 0691.

The manager looked at the defective transom and gave me an immediate credit. Why does one Lowes manager (2995) have the authority to make a no brainer decision when another (0691) can't make the same decision????

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Customer service.

Location: 5300 Campbell Blvd, Nottingham, MD 21236

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Dude. You removed a part of it.

That voids any warranty on the product. The difference between those managers is that one of them had balls, the other just didn't want to listen to you whine anymore.


another Lowes employee


Oh you foolish child, Mommy needs to monitor your online activity. I can tell that you are under the age of ten because you ASSume that just because someone tells the customer that they are wrong that they work for the company.

Mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face for lying. Radha makes sense, if the customer removed part of the item they cannot refund it kid. Learn how the world works foolish child. You should not be on this site.

This site is for adults who have complaints and concerns, not for you kids to bash others for stating the truth. If you are an adult GROW UP, it is very immature of you to ASSume that just because someone tells the customer that they are wrong that they work for the company.


I agree. Why didn't the purchaser check to make sure it would fit flush BEFORE removing part of it? The first manager was correct in refusing to give purchaser a refund

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