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We bought husqvarna mower 6-18-12 first day put gas in, tanked leaked , Lowes brought another, mowed grass ,one time 6-20-12 was going to mowe this morning7-24-12 flat tire ,very up set called lowes we didn,t take the extended plan we half to PAY for someone to pick it up or take the wheel off a1,599.00 mower ??????????? We haven,t had to mowe very offten because of the drought or we would have found it in plenty of time . My husband wanted to buy this pice of *** i wanted a JOHN DEER !

Monetary Loss: $1599.

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Caught the same grief from these people

when I complained about my recently

purchased Husqvarna. About the tires -

don't even bother with Lowe's, they

don't know squat about what they sell

it would seem. Husqvarna got a bad batch

of tires, give Hasqvarna customer service

a call, they'll direct you to someone

in the your area that can replace them.

(There was a recall, they'll be replaced

for free.) This is something Lowe's

knew nothing about. Gads. Ihatestupid

customers should find a different line

of work other than retail.


I purchased a mower from Lowes. I had it about seven months before the oil started leaking.

So I took it back to Lowes. Having worked in retail for many years I knew how to get the conflict resolved. Lowes has a thirty day return policy on all outdoor power equipment. Not only did they return it.

I was able to get a more expensive one.

Paying the difference of course. I never purchased the extended warranty.


susie, you *** b**ch, you're the fool. you post a retarded complaint and don't care what we think?

alright then, why post it in the first place? and Lowe's stands behind the products that THEY MAKE. your mower was made by a DIFFERENT COMPANY, NOT LOWE'S. so your warranty is the responsibility of that Husqvarnas company, THEIR PRODUCT.

get that through your thick head.

stores would go out of business if they had to buy products from companies to sell and then also replace everything. you obviously shouldn't be spending your husband's money if you're too much of a *** to shop.


to the fools you have dont know what you are talking about the gas was tank was leaking it would even turn over as for the tire it was the seal we had it fixed just picked it up so there was no NAIL you must ,with the way you think you want have very people come to your store !


I don,t really care what you think ! When you pay that much for something ,lowes should stand behind the product i don,t care what it is you all ready have a warranty on it you don,t need 2!


Also, Husqvarnas are way better than Deeres. Gas tank leaked...did you screw the cap on tight enough?

Tire flat...gotta watch out for those nails. And it's past the return policy. Want to fix it?

Call the manufacturer. Get the extended warranty next time.


well both you and your husband are dumb. you especially for thinking that Lowe's is the one that created your lawn mower.

and yeah, you didn't buy the extended warranty. your fault.

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