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I am a 52-year-old Christian male. I can't believe my hardware store of choice decided to be in cahoots with the demented Christians instead of sane Americans.

This gives me the real belief that the people who control Lowes are caving in to the bigot misguided Christians instead of the much larger community of right thinking and Christ-Like Christians. The demented christians are not Christians...why would Lowes want to be their champions on this nonsense? I will use lower-case to describe these radical, hateful "christians"...why would Lowes want these haters to be the face of their company?

Does Lowes really believe all Muslims are terrorists? Wow.

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Bottom line is this is America. We all have the right to be who or what we desire and beleive as we wish.

Im a veteran which served this country and i defended ALL freedoms. Not just those of a certain type of Christian.


I think the thing being lost is all of this is the fact that Lowes has the right to advertise or not advertise with anyone they choose. Get over it!!


2 things:

1) Lowes pulled the ads because that show's ratings were in the toilet.

2) Lowes pulled the ads BEFORE that group contacted them.

Do your homework first and don't believe everything the media tells you. Another one of the millions of mindless sheep.


52 year old. Does your keeper know you are on the loose?


You are a 52-year-old f_u_c_k_i_n_g clown.